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Denzel Mims, Frank Gore, and Pierre Desir Miss Jets Practice With Hamstring Injuries

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

UPDATE: Manish Mehta brings some good news. The Jets do not believe Mims’ injury is serious.

A number of players missed practice for the Jets on Friday. Among the notable absences was rookie wide receiver Denzel Mims who hurt his hamstring earlier in the week.

It certainly does not sound like a day to day injury for Mims, which is unfortunate for the Jets. It’s easy to overrated the impact of training camp, but getting rookies up to speed is relatively important.

Jets head coach Adam Gase also addressed the possibility of the Jets adding a wide receiver.

As long as Mims is out I am sure there will be speculation about the Jets potentially bringing back Gase favorite Demaryius Thomas who spent most of 2019 with the Jets. People will note that Thomas is a “veteran” and “knows the system.” However, knowing the system isn’t very useful without the ability to play effectively within the system. Last year Thomas didn’t add much production and developed little to no chemistry with Sam Darnold as the year went on. He’s just not an upgrade over what the Jets currently have so let’s move on.

There were other players to miss practice today including Frank Gore and Pierre Desir who also have hamstring injuries.

Gore’s injury doesn’t sound as serious as Mims’.

Third round pick Jabari Zuniga also missed practice with a quad injury.

These injuries are all worth watching. At this point Mims’ seems the most troublesome.