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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel: The Jamal Adams Edition

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Perspective of Adams Trade

hbcoach analyzes the Jamal Adams Trade.

The Jamal Adams Sage - Winner Reveals Himself

victormonfrey analyzes the Jamal Adams Trade.

Top Comments:

On the Jamal Adams calling out the HC/GM/OWNER


1. Jamal Adams is handling his contract standoff poorly. 2. Adam Gase has a documented history of alienating talented players and driving them off teams he coaches.

-GangGreenRCR (sorry John B)

If Jamal was upset about not getting paid before

Hes going to have a brutal wake up call when he realizes GMs arent going to want a malcontent who openly bash the team the second something happens that they dont like. What a petulant child.

-Thomas Christopher

Jamal Adams: “I haven’t heard from Gase since January”

Also Jamal Adams: Skips voluntary workouts and zoom meetings all offseason Uh, do you think there might be a correlation there Jamal? I mean how does anyone take this dude seriously?

-Sam Darnold

John, I think you might have sold the story a little bit short since you didn’t make any mention of Joe Douglas, which the article gets into a lot.

The conversation on this thread really makes it look like an Adams vs Gase thing, but the really its that it’s an Adams vs Jets thing, where Jets includes Douglas, Gase, and even the Johnsons. I’m not going to get into Gase right now, as that’s already being discussed heavily, but I do want to talk about Douglas and the Johnsons.

According to Adams, Douglas told Adams back in March that they wanted to extend him THIS offseason, and said they’d send over a proposal. This was followed by Douglas saying publicly they wanted to make Adams “a Jet for life.”

Just for one second, forget that Adams is a brat and Mehta is the author of the article, and ask yourself this question:

Is it reasonable for a GM to say “we want to make him a Jet for life” when the reality is that you have zero intention of extending the player this year?

In my opinion, the answer is no. To me, that’s the answer you give when you’re ready to start talking turkey. If you want to kick the can to next year there’s a million other things you could say that would still respect the player without giving him the impression that a contract offer is imminent.

Anyway, as the story goes, after all that happened, Douglas didn’t communicate with the Adams camp for weeks, but word started getting out that the Johnsons had put severe financial restrictions in place for this season.

Again, whether you believe Mehta or not, there is at least circumstantial evidence to support the claim: a free agent class of one year deals for 2nd and 3rd tier players. No stars, no long-term financial commitments.

Adams grew antsy, and then Douglas abruptly changed his tune, saying something like “we’re going to table this until next year, but for this year we want to see if you’re all-in with football and all-in with the Jets.

Is that true? Who knows. But it’s a bone headed thing to say if true. With guys like Adams, the same mechanism that makes him a monster on the field is what makes him tough to deal with in the offseason. On the field we call it “having a killer instinct” but off the field we call it “being a baby,” but it’s the same personality trait, and teams (and fans) have to know that with emotional players, taking the bad with the good is just the cost of doing business with players like this. In my opinion, this is where Gase has failed with Adams, because it’s on the coach to manage these situations, and to create a culture where players handle it themselves. Gase has never been known for that.

But the overall point is that it’s not Gase vs Adams. Penny pinching by the Johnsons combined with arguably poor communication by Douglas (who may have been put in a bad position by the Johnsons and was just trying to make the best of it), have also contributed to this situation.

My personal hope is that the Johnsons are forced out and Curtis Martin can be the face of a new ownership group, but that seems like a pipe dream.

-panhandle chris

On Joe Douglas trading Jamal Adams:

I always said give me a deal similar to what the Jags got for Jalen Ramsey and I’d trade Adams

I wouldn’t accept anything leas for an All-Pro player. Well, Joe Douglas got just about that from the Seahawks. Then trade a 4th to replace him with Bradley McDougal, who is an average and versatile starting safety. I hate to see a home grown superstar go, but if it had to happen, Joe Douglas did an amazing job with the return.


Wize I’m with you.

I think the Seahawks are going to regret this deal down the road. Jets needed draft picks to rebuild this roster. The team is 2-3 years away from contending, and that’s if Darnold develops into an above average QB. He doesn’t have to be elite but that would be a nice bonus. Adams was an asset to be used to get there, one of the few Douglas had to work with. Now the Jets don’t have to worry about overpaying a great player at a less than critical position – nod to Crack here! – and can focus using the money in what will likely be a reduced cap next year more effectively, starting with younger – and cheaper – players. Now let’s see how Schneider and Carroll deal with his ego. Jets had over $21 million in cap space and wouldn’t extend Adams this year. Seattle has just under $14 million this year but $67 million in 2021 if the cap goes over $200 million, which it likely won’t.

-Traveling Man

Two things

Incredible haul by Joe D, all ways around. Let’s hope he’s able to hit on those draft picks. Le’veon Bell calling out Jamal Adams BS last night was great. He’s shown hes one of the few guys who sticks to her words. Love to see it and happy he’s a Jet. Had a feeling players in the locker room were taking issue with Jamals antics. No one likes a diva. All in all, A+ Day

-Thomas Christopher

On Bradley McDougald:

I did a deep dive on McDougald and here’s my conclusion

McDougald is not Jamal Adams. Don’t fool yourself into thinking we’ve upgraded in any area expect potentially counting stats though as I’ve pointed out many times those are more often a product of luck than anything else, with him. That said, McDougald has some weird do it all splits that make him an intriguing player that can seemingly improve with the right coaching, yes he can still get better even at age 30, let me show: McDougald’s main role with the Seahawks defense was essential Jamal Adams light. He would man up tight ends, he’d play in the box against the run. He wasn’t rushing the passer often, only 21 pass-rush snaps that resulted in 0.5 sacks and 4 pressures. McDougald also wasn’t playing much slot corner like Adams tended to do. That could all change with Gregg Williams though, as we all know he loves versatile players, which McDougald is, and moves them like chess pieces. Onto his actual skillset. This is where McDougald confounds me. In 2018 McDougald was flat out bad in coverage. He allowed 76.7% completion, 535 yards, 5 TDs, 8.9 yards per target, and a 110.1 passer rating against. However, he made up for with decent run defense. He missed just 8.2% of tackles, had a career high 4 TFLs, and a was a key part of a Seahawks defense that ranked 14th in DVOA. Then in 2019, his skill set did a 180. Out of nowhere McDougald looked like one of the best coverage safeties in the NFL, no not better than Adams but not as big a drop off as I first expected, 54.4% completion percentage allowed, 356 yards allowed, 0 TDs allowed, 6.2 yards per target, and a 58.8 passer rating against. He had evolved into one of the best man coverage safeties in the NFL seemingly overnight. There was a toll to pay for that however, his run defense fell off a cliff. He missed 14.6% of his tackles, had just 1 TFL, and was a major reason Seattle’s run defense was 26th in DVOA. Will the real Bradley McDougald please stand up? Are you an elite coverage safety who can’t stop the run or are you a slightly above average run stuffer who is a nightmare in coverage? My conclusion, it depends on the role he’s used in. He’s the kind of guy who has the ability to do whatever is asked of him, but needs to focus on one area of his game. So, it’ll be interesting to see how Gregg Williams uses him. The Jets run and pass defense will both be worse off with McDougald replacing Adams, however, it’s about the degree of fall off. If McDougald puts up similar numbers in pass coverage in 2020 then the loss from Adams to McDougald will be minimal in that area, but the run defense will suffer heavy losses. If MCDouglad reverts to his 2018 run defense, the Jets are still losing a ton on run defense, but the pass defense is going to suffer monumental losses. So, it’ll be up to Gregg Williams to figure out how to maximize McDougald. Best case scenario, the Jets get 2018 run-stuffer McDougald and 2019 Pass defense McDougald. If, by some miracle, that player came to the field in 2020 the Jets may have just gotten a Pro Bowl safety to replace their All-Pro one. Not bad, Joe Douglas, not bad at all.


On his prediction for Jamal Adams this year:

Jamal Adams......

2020 BREAK OUT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top GIFS/Photos:

Jamal “Yeah I’d love to go to the organization that wouldn’t pay Earl Thomas”

Jets fans:



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