Perspective of Adams Trade

Jamal Adams is a dynamic player. He has talent and skills. Yes, he was OUR best player. He was an eyesore too. There many theories, conclusions, speculations, and mere thoughts about the situation with Adams. All the posts and comments appear to have people divided. While some people applaud JD for pulling off an amazing trade there are others who feel he is no different than past GMs. Perhaps he is like a used car salesman. You can draw your own opinion.

Arguments on both sides are compelling and have great views. As a loyal Jets fan of 51 years living in Alaska I do not have the luxury of being around the New York area and watching all the Jets games to my content. However, allow me to share my opinion.

Jamal no doubt has a chip on his shoulder. He is emotional, dramatic and passionate. This is great energy for a team to be around. Under the right circumstances that energy will travel throughout the locker room and infect others to elevate their game. Yet, in a negative way, that same energy could easily tear teams a part without much chance to recover quickly. If there is a recovery period it certainly will take time to repair. So, how do you proceed besides with caution? There have been interviews with Adams after a devastated lost where you can see the emotion, the frustration and perhaps anger in his eyes and voice. There is nothing wrong with that. As a leader, you do need to show unity to the public, the community, to those outside of the organization. There needs to be a strength in force and support. Now, any problems within, then let it rip in the locker room and get it out. There have been players in the past that spoke their minds behind closed doors and moved on.

There are fans upset for shipping off Adams. Let's take a look at why this is a good move for the Jets and even Jamal. Jamal was not a happy player when the word got out the JD was listening to offers that included him. Every GM handles their business different. I do not believe there is an NFL GM School on how to handle proper team business. Some GMs probably will not even TAKE a call for certain players. Some GMs will listen to EVERY call that comes in. There is such a thing as due diligence and what JD did was just that. What if this deal was offered then and he didn't listen. Would that be available now? Probably not. So, Jamal had his ego bruised because in his mind he is untouchable. The fact the Jets GM took phone calls around the deadline about him knocked him down a notch. From media articles, the asking price was too rich for any one that made it absolute insane to trade for Adams. That was JD's way of saying he is untouchable, but thanks for calling anyway.

Yes, the Jets received a ton of picks. Worthy picks if you get into it. Could the Jets find another Adams? Most likely no, but close is possible. Draft picks is a crap shoot. Just because a college player looks phenomenal does not automatically translate into a Superstar! There have been great college players who did not pan out in the NFL. I will say and agree that the draft supplements the team. Hopefully gives them enough depth. The Jets missed out when Ferguson and Mangold retired. As their careers were winding down there should have been a viable replacement. I said viable replacement not just a warm body.

The Jets have the making of something great. The pieces have to come together. There are players who can contribute and have any chance to make the team and not just a .500 season. The Jets got a good replacement for Adams in the trade with McDougald. He is NOT Adams, so do not expect the same level of play. He is very good except being a pass rusher. Great! Get a good EDGE and we don't have to worry about it. There are those who think the Jets might break .500 or close to because we lost Adams and he was an impact player. Okay, he was an impact player, but he along did not win the games. That is a team effort. Depending on that one player can be dangerous.

For the past several months Jamal spoke out and was trying to find a way out of New York faster than an Amtrak train. Video posted of Jamal trying to get to Dallas was frustrating. It clearly shows he did not want to stay. So, why force the man to play where he hates? Speak out against the GM, Coach and Owner is down right embarrassing. He didn't think Gase is the right coach, the GM basically stabbing him in the back and then the owner's discriminating remarks. This is NOT the face of an organization. Le'von Bell could have easily gone rogue when Gase commented on the Jets paying too much and he was not worth it. Bell is STILL hear and is motivated to get the season going and contribute for the Jets. That's a team player. Adams is a ME player. There is no "I" in team, but there is ME.

In conclusion, JD made the right call. He removes a vile, vocal, disgruntled headache of a player and received some draft capital that might pan out into something good. Yes, to make a nice omelet you have to break some eggs. The carton is definitely broken. The Jets cannot look back to the what its. Adams did not want to be here. Fine! Send him to "greener" pastures, take whatever money the team wanted to give him to those players who are already here and would like to possibly retire as Jets. Let's get some nice ingredients and make a terrific omelet!

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