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A Seattle Perspective on Bradley McDougald

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the focus on the trade the Jets and the Seahawks made over the weekend went to Jamal Adams and the multiple first round picks changing teams. The Jets did acquire a potential starter, however, in Bradley McDougald.

What can Jets fans expect? Our friends from SB Nation’s Seahawks site, Field Gulls, were kind enough to provide a scouting report.

Bradley McDougald’s a safety. That part... was already known. What most non-Seahawks fans won’t know, however, is that he’s two safeties. During his time with Seattle, he lined up at strong and free, or at least saw snaps in which he and his fellow safety were barely distinguishable. That being said, SS is his natural home and McDougald is thus well equipped to succeed Jamal Adams in Jets dark green instead of Seahawks nuclear green.

He’s reliable. It’s not wise to count on McDougald to be the foremost playmaker on the field; that being said, he won’t leave many plays on the field. He’s not likely to get beat over the top, he’s not likely to miss a tackle, and he’s not likely to be any sort of headache in the locker room. You get all the professionalism of a man who’s going to his third team as he’s turning 30, with the downside of course being that imminent birthday in November.

Ten career interceptions is nothing to sneeze at, but seems really unlikely you’d see him rush the QB like Adams.

So in short, McDougald is steady, typically healthy (47 games played out of 48 in the last three years) with the ability to be good and the track record to not be bad. He’ll catch the gift interceptions; he’ll be assignment correct. During his Seahawks tenure we saw him at the single-high, in the box plenty (PFF loved him in 2017 against the run) and even at nickel from time to time.

For those who’d like a film breakdown from before the 2018 season, our former writer Jamar Rashuan did one here.

What do you think, Jets fans?