The Jamal Adams Saga - Winner Reveals Himself

Just my opinion, but the way this Jamal Adams off-season and sequential trade package has played out, I have to say the biggest winner in this situation is Joe Douglas.

All Joe has done is continue to build a line of credit on his name that makes me feel more secure as a Jets fan, than any time I can remember since the 80's. The only other time I felt happier, and more faith in my team was 2010 when the Jets were coming off of a playoff run and entering their second season with Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan. Here's the credit that Joe Douglas has put in the bank for us.

Ownership and Head Coaching

The Johnson's seemed hell bent on compartmentalizing the GM on one side of the fence, and the coaching staff on the other. While 90% of teams let the GM select the coaches, the Jets refused to do this and it has never worked out. Well now you a player that just took a bullet (Adams) by publiclly stating Adam Gase is garbage and not a leader. What are the odds that he retains his job with anything less than an 8-8 season? I'd say zero. I'd also say that Joe Douglas has earned enough stock that he can probably select whatever coach he wants, although ownership will be a part of the recruiting process. In my mind, it works out as Chris/Woody Johnson saying "this is the only guy that's worked out. Let's let him have final input on the coach."

Draft Capital

The Jets selected 9 players in the draft, as well as some good low budget pieces in free agency for the offensive line, and Pierre Desir to shore up the cornerback position. Now Joe Douglas has gotten two 1st round picks and a 3rd rounder for Jamal Adams, while shipping out a 4th for a starting strong safety in Bradley McDougald. He now has another draft with 8 or 9 picks with 5 in the top 100 or so. I am confident the term "lack of talent" will no longer apply to the Jets in 2021 after the draft is concluded. Giving Joe Douglas this many high picks to play with should give us the play maker edge rusher, receiver, and anything else that is Best Player Available that Joe needs. Although this rookie crop has not played, Joe has shown his competence in drafting, but more importantly working the draft board.


Joe has done a lot of trades in the year since he's been at the helm. He has been selective in trading away late round picks and bringing in starting caliber players. He's also been able to amass draft picks. In short, his trades are the stuff a great GM is made of. Even Jamal Adams, a player that I would retain if it were my choice, I can't complain about the draft haul he just got. For comparison, I'm putting Adams vs. McDougald's 2019 stats below.

Jamal Adams 2017-2019 season

16 83 63 20 2 1 2 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 6 8 16 0
16 115 86 29 3.5 3 1 5 1 38 38.0 0 38 12 9 21 0
14 75 61 14 6.5 2 1 25 1 61 61.0 1 61 7 7 14 0

Bradely McDougald Season 2017-2019 season

16 75 51 24 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 4 3 8 0
16 78 66 12 0 3 1 0 3 39 13.0 0 39 9 4 6 0
15 70 52 18 0.5 1 1 0 2 0 0.0 0 0 6 2 6 0

While I can't say with advanced metrics how many passes were completed against him, or that he is athletically gifted as Adams, I can say from a rough estimate, their production is the same in as many games. The edge in sacks and forced fumbles going to Adams, but Interceptions goes to McDougald. Since the Seahawks play a cover 4, and the Jets multiple zone schemes McDougald should be able to match Adams production in tackles, but not cover the tight ends as well. In any case, the purpose of this is to state that Joe Douglas did a good job replacing the safety position, while also inheriting a ton of draft capital. For reference, another pro bowl safety Derwin James was selected 17th by the Chargers in 2018 so it may be feasible to get back a cheaper elite safety without using up either large chunks of cap space, or an early draft pick. Again, I'd have liked to re-sign Adams, this trade was outstanding.


If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that Joe Douglas orchestrated these confluences of events to cement himself as the real sole power and decision maker within the Jets organization. Poor ownership, disgruntled star, and poor leadership in coaching staff. In a year's time Joe has shown himself to be the only viable answer to all the Jets problems going back more than a decade. I don't believe that is the case, but from now on all I can say with genuine certainty is "In Joe We Trust".

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