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Jets Podcast: Success in 2020

NFL Combine - Day 2

What will it take to consider the 2020 Jets season a success?

Answers to this question will likely vary. For me, it is simple. I think if the Jets make the Playoffs, the 2020 season is success. If they do not make the Playoffs, the season is not a success.

On today’s podcast I explain my position. I think the postseason expansion to seven teams in each conference makes it less likely a genuinely good team will be left out.

I think a number of people need to step up this season. That includes Sam Darnold taking the next step. It includes Adam Gase showing he is capable of making a positive difference. It includes other recent additions growing. These things are all important to the team’s future. If all receive positive answers, the Jets can make the postseason in the AFC.

What do you think it will take for the Jets to call 2020 a success?