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New York Jets Flight Connections 6/07/20

San Diego Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images

Good morning, GGN! Our lead story today concerns how Joe Douglas appears to have the Jets on the right track. While it is still early and things can always go south, I tend to agree with Rich Cimini on this one. There are encouraging signs on multiple fronts that Joe Douglas knows what he’s doing and is likely to be significantly better than his predecessors at building a team. The most important part of team building, the draft, is still largely an unknown for Douglas, as we have yet to see any of his draft picks hit the field, but things other than draft picks appear to show a man who knows what he’s doing, for once. Jets fans, this may be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Here are your links to the Jets this glorious Sunday in June:

Rich Cimini - From restoring credibility to attacking the O-line to dealing with Jamal Adams’ contract, Joe Douglas is a man with a plan

Kristian Dyer - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says it is possible Giants, Jets fans will attend games this fall

Kristian Dyer - New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy thinks that the New York Jets are heading in the right direction

Sean Basile - Will the New York Jets be the most-improved team of 2020?

Seth Everett - NFL teams allowed to return back to work on Friday...did the Jets staff return?

Jason Fitzgerald - Should Teams Spend More on Cornerbacks?

Skyler Carlin - 3 potential breakout players for the New York Jets in the 2020 NFL season

Skyler Carlin - Jets news: Kyle Long responds to rumors New York wants him to unretire

Justin Fried - NY Jets: Stealing one player from each AFC East team

Justin Fried - NY Jets: One site believes Le'Veon Bell would be better on a different team

Brian Rudman - NY Jets: Jamal Adams is receiving praise, but where's his extension?

Tyler Greenawalt - 2020 NFL Draft: Grading every Jets pick from Mekhi Becton to Braden Mann

Mason Smoller - New York Jets Players Who Can Take Advantage of the COVID-19 Delay

Justin Fried - NY Jets Post-NFL Draft State of the Roster: Defensive line

Here are your missed connections from yesterday.

Here’s the thread about nothing, why not stop by and say hello?

Enjoy the day everybody.


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