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Jets Podcast: Bounceback Season Candidates

New York Giants v New York Jets

This time of year fans across the NFL are dreaming of a great season. Everything that went wrong last year will go right this year. At least that is the hope.

Every team has players who disappointed the year before. Sometimes the player is to blame for underperforming. Sometimes it isn’t the player’s fault. An injury might have ruined his season. Marcus Maye is an example. He couldn’t catch a break in 2018. His 2019 performance was much, much better.

On today’s podcast I discuss bounceback season candidates for the Jets in 2020. I name five players who had disappointing 2019 campaigns. Some of these players just didn’t produce. Others couldn’t get onto the field. Some are likely to play better this season. Others are not. In any event, these five players bouncing back this season could have a major impact on the Jets’ success.

Thanks for listening to the show.