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Developing Story: The Adams Saga Gets Cloudy With Gase’s Name Entering The Arena

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The volatile situation regarding disgruntled safety, Jamal Adams, and Jets management has taken an interesting turn. At 2:20 today, Antonio Cromartie may have let loose some valuable information.

Cro doesn’t exactly hold any punches here when talking about Gase. When wind broke of this impasse Adams had with the Jets. We thought the major players were Adams and Joe Douglas. This raises the question. What does Gase have to do with this situation?

One common theme during this whole Adams ordeal is mistrust in the organization. What if the root of that distrust belongs squarely on the shoulders of Adam Gase? I would like to jump into my Delorean and take us back to two separate incidents that happened this past year.

There was the Quincy Enunwa fine that had everyone scratching their heads

Then even further back in October there was the Kelechi Osemele brouhaha with his shoulder.

There is a history of players not trusting or respecting Gase going back to Miami. It would not be surprising if this attitude from players followed him to the Jets. These incidents were mostly forgotten about, but maybe they were warning signs we should have taken more notice of. The story is sure to evolve further.