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CJ Mosley cleared for all activity

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Jets linebacker CJ Mosley revealed in a conference call with reporters that he has been cleared to return to all football-related activity.

Mosley signed with the Jets as a free agent in 2019. His first season with the team was essentially a lost year. He was playing a tremendous game in the opener against the Buffalo Bills before suffering a groin injury in the second half of the game. He played only one more game, five weeks later in a Monday night loss to the Patriots.

Mosley had expressed optimism about his recovery throughout the offseason so this isn’t a surprise. This only provides us with official word that he will be back. The Jets will expect big things from him this offseason.

While there have been rumors about the Jets potentially cutting Avery Williamson to save cap space, Williamson remains part of the team and projects to form an excellent linebacker duo with Mosley.