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Jets 2020 Schedule Takeaways

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

I don’t like breaking the schedule into “easy” or “tough” games because nobody really knows who the good and bad teams will be in the NFL. Every year you see massive improvement from some teams while others fail to live up to expectations.

This time a year ago I saw fans laugh at analysts who said the 49ers could dethrone the Rams in the NFC West. And that Week 16 game the Jets had against the Steelers sure looked like a tougher quarterback matchup at the time against Ben Roethlisberger than it ended up being against Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges. Some players emerge. Others decline. Stars get injured. It’s impossible to guess.

There are some notable aspects of the Jets’ 2020 schedule, though.

Week 11 Bye

In general I think it is a good idea to have a late bye. Sometimes your team suffers a lot of injuries out of the gate making an early season bye beneficial. In most cases, though, I think it is most beneficial to get the team as fresh as possible for the stretch run. The Jets will have that opportunity this year.

Back to Back vs. Miami

The bye week had an interesting quirk. The Jets’ last game before the bye is against the Dolphins. So is their first game after the bye. Miami also has its bye Week 11, which means both teams will have two weeks to break down what happened in the first game and prepare for the rematch. The team with the coaching staff better at making adjustments might win that second game.

Primetime Benefit

The Jets are scheduled to host the Broncos on Week 4’s Thursday Night Football game. Given the short week, it is usually a benefit to play at home. Preparation time is already short enough without needing travel time.

Primetime Negative

The Jets have a road game after their lone scheduled Monday Night Football appearance. They will host New England on Monday of Week 9 and then have to travel to Miami.

Primetime Unknown

The league listed the possibility that both the Week 15 game against the Rams and the Week 16 game against the Browns could played on either Saturday or Sunday. Stay tuned.

A Tough December

We don’t know the quality of the opponents for certain, but cross country travel is typically difficult for NFL teams. There was no way around the Jets making three trips to the West Coast this year. It was just the way the schedule fell. Sometimes things work well. Sometimes they don’t. Last year this team benefited from a schedule that didn’t require it to leave the Eastern Time Zone. If the Jets had to make three trips across the country, the best case scenario would probably be for these trips to at least be spaced out. Instead the team got consecutive Western games Week 14 at Seattle and Week 15 at the Rams. Back to back cross country trips are notoriously difficult.