NFL all rookie team.....make your predictions

The 2020 Jets draft has generated some good debate on GGN so while it is still fresh in our mind let’s look ahead and everyone make predictions of the all rookie teams, offense, defense and special teams I’ve pasted a link below to last years

This is a different exercise that the draft because you are picking the all rookie team and includes all drafted and UDFAs You have to think about players who are not only good but will get significant playing time as a rookie. For example Patrick Mahomes didn’t start as a rookie so while you might have thought he was the best QB you get no points for picking him in his rookie season. So if you pick Jordan Love as your QB consider the probability of him beating out Aaron Rodgers as starting QB. Is Burrow better than Tua or Hebert? Who knows right now but maybe consider which QB is surrounded by the better supporting cast of players and coaches. Burrow on a bad Bengals team or Hebert with a stacked Chargers offense? How will the coaches impact a rookie’s ability to make an immediate impact? Is Swift the best RB, maybe, but Jonathan Taylor has a better offensive line on the Colts opening holes for him. Just some thoughts.

Anyway reply in comments if you would like to participate. Scoring is simple. First round picks earn one point, Second round picks 2 points etc, etc. UDFAs are worth 10 points. Offensive and Defensive Rookie of Year are also worth 10 points each. Team with the highest point total wins. Remember to consider the points in your selections.

Also if you pick someone as a tackle but they make it as a guard you still get the points. If you pick someone as a CB but they make it as a Safety or Defensive Back etc you get their points. Basically if you pick the player you get his points regardless of what position(S) he makes the rookie team as.

I‘ll compile and post everyone’s picks and maybe a mid season update and the final result after the team is named. Here are the picks you need to make. Copy the template in my comment below to use for making your picks





2 Offensive guards

2 offensive tackles

1 Tight End

2 WRs


FG kicker

Offensive Rookie of the year


2 interior Def lineman

2 edge rushers

3 linebackers

2 cornerbacks

2 safeties

1 defensive back

1 punter

1 kick returner

Defensive Rookie of the Year

It’s a different way to look at the draft. If anyone’s has questions please let me know.

Suggestions of alternative formats, scoring rules etc welcomed and encouraged

Post a comment or your picks if you want to participate. The deadline will be Saturday lunchtime. Enjoy.

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