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Jets Podcast: Offensive Expectations for 2020

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Most weeks were a struggle for the Jets offense in 2019. The reasons for this were numerous. The talent level was low. The quarterback missed three games. Other obstacles emerged. The coaching also didn’t do much to make things better. The team is hoping for a much better performance this season in all of these areas. On today’s podcast my focus is on expectations for the offense in 2020 and how it is constructed by the coaches.

For all of the talk of Adam Gase being innovative at the time he was hired, we didn’t see much innovation in 2019. Players were not put in positions to maximize their skillsets, and many of the team’s general philosophies seemed outdated. Today’s podcast focuses on what should improve to help the Jets maximize what talent they do have on offense in the upcoming season.

Thanks as always for tuning in to the show.