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Report: Jets and Jamal Adams at “impasse” in contract talks

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Rich Cimini of ESPN reports the Jets and star safety Jamal Adams are at an “impasse” in talks on a long-term extension.

The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have reached an impasse in contract talks, sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday, raising tensions between the team and its star safety.

The two sides have had multiple conversations since the draft, but the Jets told him they prefer to wait on a long-term extension and Adams wants a deal before the season, sources said.

On the surface one might be inclined to believe this is a leak from the Adams camp out of frustration to try and gain leverage. The fact of the matter is Adams doesn’t hold much leverage at this point in time.

On Wednesday, the possibility of a trade came up in a conversation between the two sides, sources said, but there are conflicting accounts on how serious those talks were.

The Jets remain intent on signing Adams to an extension and have no desire to trade him, a source said. Adams is said to be open to a trade if his contract demands aren’t met. More than half the teams in the league have reached out to the Jets to express interest, according to a source.

While this certainly will drive up trade rumors, there isn’t any sign a trade is imminent if Cimini’s reporting is to be believed. Adams is under contract for two more years, and the new collective bargaining agreement likely makes a holdout unfeasible for the star safety.

People will likely jump to conclusions here, but it doesn’t seem like the Jets will be in any hurry to make a move. This situation conceivably could take a year or more to resolve.

Will Adams eventually sign a long-term deal with the Jets? That is unclear. This wouldn’t be the first time there was public posturing between two sides before settling their differences to strike a deal. It also wouldn’t be the first time a star player wanted more than his team was willing to offer and ended up elsewhere.

I am sure everybody wants this situation to come to a swift conclusion one way or another, but there are more questions than answers at this point, and that could remain the case for quite a while unless there is quick progress on contract talks, or some team makes the Jets a trade offer they can’t refuse.