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2020 Jets Preseason Schedule

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Jets have announced their preseason schedule for 2020.

We knew the opponents already. The dates and times had not been set.

Notably the Jets open against the Giants for the second straight preseason. The game usually has taken place the third week of the preseason. Last year an exception was reportedly made because the two teams had a regular season game. There is no regular season game this year, but the teams still open the preseason against each other.

Notably there is a nationally televised preseason game the second week against the Detroit Lions. Preseason games are only broadcast locally unless you buy a subscription to the NFL’s out of market service (which has been pricey in recent years). Fans will get at least one chance to watch the Jets live across the country.

The Steelers will be the opponent for the third game, which is typically the preseason game where starters play the full first half.

The Eagles remain the traditional opponent for the final preseason game that is played by backups.