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NY Jets: The Pick Eight Winner

NFL: OCT 14 Colts at Jets Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A few weeks ago Gang Green Nation posted the Pick Eight contest, in which contestants named eight players they thought the New York Jets would select in the 2020 NFL draft. With the draft completed, the results of the contest are in. And they are spectacular. In a typical year the GGN faithful, in the aggregate, will correctly identify three or four Jets draft picks, and the winner of the contest will correctly identify two. This isn’t surprising, as the difficulty of making a correct guess increases exponentially with each passing round. A first round pick might have five or ten realistic possibilities, depending on where in the round the pick falls. By the time we’re into the later rounds there might be 40 or 50 plausible picks; it becomes almost random. Consequently, in most years the winner of this contest gets the first round pick correct and maybe one other pick, usually in the second or third round. Correct picks in the fifth or sixth rounds are almost unheard of. Until now. This year, you all were amazingly tuned into Joe Douglas’ draft proclivities. This year, an astounding seven of the nine Jets draft picks were correctly identified by at least one contestant. Only Ashtyn Davis and La’Mical Perine went unchosen by any contestant.

This year, fifth round selection Bryce Hall was correctly identified by an astonishing 11 contestants. Quarterback James Morgan, a fourth round pick, was correctly identified by six contestants. Even punter Braden Mann, a sixth round pick, was correctly identified by three contestants. And of course Mekhi Becton, the Jets’ first round selection, was correctly identified by 12 contestants.

In all, 29 of the 54 contestants got at least one pick right. Six contestants got two picks right. Two contestants got three picks right, something that has never happened before in the history of this contest. A job well done by all.

But then there was one amazing prognosticator. This year, the winner got not one, not two, but an unprecedented three picks outside of the first three rounds correct. Clearly this GGN member had inside access to the Jets’ war room. He or she got the selection of Braden Mann in the sixth round correct, one of only three contestants to do so. He or she correctly identified Cameron Clark, the last of three Jets’ fourth round selections, one of only two contestants to do so. And in a feat of prescient prognosticating that beggars belief, the winner proved to be the only contestant that correctly identified the selection of Jabari Zuniga in the fourth. That gave the winner fifteen points in the contest, edging out the second place finisher by two points. No contestant has ever gotten so high a score.

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating our 2020 Pick Six Champion and winner of a year’s supply of dumb Smackdad jokes*. Nanananananana, take a bow. You are truly a draft visionary.

Here’s the winning entry:

Micheal Pittman

Troy Pride jr

Cameron Clark

Van Jefferson

Jedrick Wills

Braden Mann

Lawrence Cager

Jabari Zuniga

Posted by Nanananananana on Apr 21, 2020 | 6:17 PM


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