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How did the Jets do in the 2020 NFL Draft vs. Joe Marino’s big board?

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Today we continue our look at how the Jets’ Draft class stacked up against expert big boards. We move on to Joe Marino of The Draft Network.

As always, these grades neither prove the Jets did well or poorly with any individual selection. These simply provide us with background on whether experts believe the picks were a good value.

Mekhi Becton (Jets pick 11; Marino’s rank: 16) -5 value

Outside of Pro Football Focus, experts have generally agreed the Jets took Becton at the right spot. Marino’s analysis continues that trend.

Denzel Mims (Jets pick 59; Marino’s rank: 32) +27 value

Another big board concludes the Jets got a steal.

Ashtyn Davis (Jets pick: 68; Marino’s rank: 42) +26 value

You might have issues with the position, but few seem to feel the Jets reached for the player.

Jabari Zuniga (Jets pick 79; Marino’s rank: 97) -18 value

Marino isn’t as high as a number of the other analysts on Zuniga, but this is not an egregious reach.

Lamical Perine (Jets pick: 120; Marino’s rank: 125) -5 value

To be honest I’m a bit surprised this pick has graded so well among most analysts, but it has.

James Morgan (Jets pick: 125; Marino’s rank: 135) -10 value

This pick hasn’t graded well among most analysts, but we found an exception.

Cameron Clark (Jets pick 129; Marino’s rank: 142) -13 value

Clark is also right around the correct value on this big board.

Bryce Hall (Jets pick: 158; Marino’s rank: 58) +100 value

Another analyst thinks the Jets got a steal.

Braden Mann (Jets pick: 191; Marino’s rank: NR) -59(+) value

No love for the punter, however.


For whatever it’s worth, it seems like Joe Marino’s big board really matches up well with what the Jets did. Every pick aside from the sixth round punter was within 18 slots of his big board, and there were some major value selections.