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How did the Jets do in the 2020 NFL Draft vs. Dan Kadar’s big board?

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We continue our look at how the Jets did in the 2020 NFL Draft against the big boards of many experts. Today we will compare what the Jets did and the rankings of my SB Nation colleague Dan Kadar.

As always, the Jets’ performance neither proves the team make great picks nor proves the team made terrible picks. It is merely an attempt to gauge the consensus and compare the results with an objective ranking made before the Draft.

Unlike some of the other boards we have looked at, Kadar’s rankings only go up to 200 so some players the Jets picked were not on his list.

Mekhi Becton (Jets pick 11; Kadar’s rank: 9) +2 value

Unlike some of the other analysts who had Becton as their fourth ranked tackle, Kadar has him at number two. The Jets did pass on his number one tackle, Tristan Wirfs, but this still is a solid pick on the board.

Denzel Mims (Jets pick 59; Kadar’s rank: 36) +23 value

Mims continues to grade as great value.

Ashtyn Davis (Jets pick: 68; Kadar’s rank: 83) -15 value

I don’t think -15 in round three has the same impact as it would in round one. Kadar has Davis as a third round quality prospect, and that’s when the Jets picked him.

Jabari Zuniga (Jets pick 79; Kadar’s rank: 74) +5 value

I was expecting Zuniga to be a polarizing pick, but all three boards we have seen so far say the Jets got reasonable value.

Lamical Perine (Jets pick: 120; Kadar’s rank: 185) -65 value

I was a bit surprised to see some of the early boards in our series so high on this pick. I was expecting more like Kadar’s.

James Morgan (Jets pick: 125; Kadar’s rank: NR) -75(+) value

I think it’s becoming clear the Jets valued Morgan much higher than media Draft analysts. We will only learn which side is right in the years to come.

Cameron Clark (Jets pick 129; Kadar’s rank: NR) -71(+) value

I get the feeling opinions will vary wildly on Clark the deeper we get into this series.

Bryce Hall (Jets pick: 158; Kadar’s rank: 152) +6 value

This is the rare big board that doesn’t have the Jets getting great value in the Hall pick.

Braden Mann (Jets pick: 191; Kadar’s rank: NR) -9(+) value

It’s difficult for me to imagine Mann falling too far below the top 200.


On this big board the Jets did quite well on the first two days and not so well on day three. As always, the comments section is where you can bash SB Nation, the company that gave this big board a platform. (Wait a minute...)