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Jets Mailbag: What Will Make a Successful Draft?

NFL Combine - Day 2

oday is our Thursday podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions. As I frequently say, a mailbag show cannot happen without mailbag questions. If your question for this mailbag went unanswered, feel free to resubmit it for the next mailbag.

Today we look at whether Quinnen Williams’ deployment had something to do with protecting the backup linebackers the Jets were forced to play in 2019, what a successful Draft in 2020 would look like, what a fair trade back would look like from pick 11, whether taking a cornerback or an edge rusher in the first round would be acceptable, whether all hope would be lost in the new general manager if he picked a defensive lineman in the first round, and what Adam Gase gets wrong on offense.

Thanks as alwasy for tuning in to the show. You can also listen to the podcast by asking Google, Siri, or Alexa to play Locked on Jets.