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How did the Jets do in the 2020 NFL Draft vs. Todd McShay’s big board?

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Yesterday we looked at how the Jets fared in the 2020 NFL Draft relative to the big board of Mel Kiper, Jr. Today we will do the same for his ESPN colleague Todd McShay. (We also wish McShay a speedy recovery from the coronavirus.)

This goal of this is not to say definitively that any of these experts are right or wrong. That will only be determined in the years ahead. It is to get a broad sense of the value the Jets got by looking at board that were objectively set before the Draft.

Mekhi Becton (Jets pick 11; McShay’s rank: 12) -1 value

The only way you can get closer is if Becton was actually the 11th ranked player in the class.

Denzel Mims (Jets pick 59; McShay’s rank: 46) +13 value

McShay doesn’t rate Mims as high as many other analysts, but the Jets still got good value on his board.

Ashtyn Davis (Jets pick: 68; McShay’s rank: 71) -3 value

Like with Becton, Joe Douglas and McShay are on the same page.

Jabari Zuniga (Jets pick 79; McShay’s rank: 76) +3 value

We have another pick where the value lines up almost perfectly.

Lamical Perine (Jets pick: 120; McShay’s rank: 72) +48 value

This seems like a very bullish grade on Perine. He is ranked roughly equal with the players the Jets took at 68 and 79.

James Morgan (Jets pick: 125; McShay’s rank: 171) -46 value

This board has the selection of Morgan approximately a round too early.

Cameron Clark (Jets pick 129; McShay’s rank: 253) -124 value

My guess is this is one of the lowest values we will see on Clark.

Bryce Hall (Jets pick: 158; McShay’s rank: 87) +71 value

I anticipate a theme through this series that Mims and Hall will consistently generate great scores.

Braden Mann (Jets pick: 191; McShay’s rank: 170) +21 value

We have another punter fan.


With seven of the nine selections coming within three spots of McShay’s rankings or better, I think it would be fair to say this big board suggests the Jets did well.