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Jets Podcast: Catching Up on the News

NFL Combine - Day 2

On today’s podcast we catch up on some of the news from this week.

The NFL officially decided to expand the Playoffs. Starting in 2020 there will be fourteen teams in the postseason instead of twelve and seven from each conference instead of six. The second seed in each conference will host a game on Wild Card Weekend against the newly created seventh seed. This has been long expected and became a mere formality after the new collective bargaining agreement was approved. Is it a good idea.

Additionally the Jets re-signed quarterback David Fales. Fales joined the team during the 2019 season after Sam Darnold got mono and Trevor Siemian got hurt. He remained with the team after Darnold’s return to the lineup. Is he just a placeholder, or will he be the backup quarterback? He should just be a placeholder as the Jets continue to search for a viable backup quarterback.

Finally, general manager Joe Douglas spoke in public this week. What did he share?

Thanks for listening.