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How did the Jets do in the 2020 NFL Draft vs. Mel Kiper’s big board?

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Before the NFL Draft many analysts put together a big board ranking the prospects. In the days ahead I am going to take a look at various pre-Draft big boards and see how the Jets’ picks stacked up.

This isn’t to say any particular analyst's big board is right or wrong. Since these boards were published before the Draft, they are at least an objective look at how one person thought the Jets did in terms of value.

We will start with Mel Kiper, Jr. of ESPN.

Mekhi Becton (Jets pick 11; Kiper’s rank: 19) -8 value

In spite of the -8 value don’t get too upset. Kiper has a lot of good things to say about Becton and the Jets’ decision to pick him.

Denzel Mims (Jets pick 59; Kiper’s rank: 39) +20 value

I have a feeling as we examine big boards the consensus will be that the Jets got a steal with this pick.

Ashtyn Davis (Jets pick: 68; Kiper’s rank: 65) +3 value

Joe Douglas and Kiper certainly see eye to eye on this one.

Jabari Zuniga (Jets pick 79; Kiper’s rank: 90) -11 value

This is also relatively close. Both had him as a third round pick.

Lamical Perine (Jets pick: 120; Kiper’s rank: 116) +4 value

Kiper rates this pick as a fair value. I wonder whether other analysts will as we continue.

James Morgan (Jets pick: 125; Kiper’s rank: 241) -116 value

In any class, opinions on the quarterbacks after the first round tend to vary wildly. Kiper clearly isn’t a big Morgan fan.

Cameron Clark (Jets pick 129; Kiper’s rank: 149) -20 value

Once you get into the third day of the Draft, 20 spots isn’t a huge difference in value.

Bryce Hall (Jets pick: 158; Kiper’s rank 97) +61 value

I have a feeling the selections of Mims and Hall will be very popular throughout this series.

Braden Mann (Jets pick: 191; Kiper’s rank: 150) +41 value

There are people who don’t think a punter is a good value in the sixth round. Mel Kiper is not one of them.


There you have it. I’d normally tell you to post your hate in the comments below, but what the Jets did largely matched up with Kiper’s big board so you can post your praise below.