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Jets Fans are Delighted With the Team’s Draft Picks

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Every week through the NFL season and then at various points during the offseason SB Nation sends out a poll asking NFL fans for their opinions on their favorite team and the league in general. The poll is called FanPulse.

Over the last few days Jets fans were asked to grade the team’s performance in the 2020 NFL Draft.

We have seen a lot of media praise for Jets picks in 2020. It seems fans feel the same way with 95% giving the team either an A or a B for the Draft. The 5% who did offered a C grade. There were no votes for D or F. That is a satisfied fanbase.

The offseason has done a lot to improve the fan base’s mood. At the close of 2019 only 10% of Jets fans polled in our survey thought the team was heading in the right direction. Now that the Draft has concluded, that number has increased to 90%.

How long will these good feelings last? How long will it be until the Jets’ first losing streak of 2020? I think the answer to both questions will be the same.