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2020 Jets Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

NFL Combine - Day 2

The NFL Draft is officially seven rounds, but there is an unofficial eighth round.

Once the final pick is made, players who were not drafted become free agents and are eligible to sign with any team. Undrafted free agents can sign as soon as the Draft ends, which leads to a hectic evening.

Most players signed as undrafted free agents fail to make the roster out of training camp, but a few impress enough to earn a spot. Occasionally an undrafted free agent even turns into a good player.

The Jets had a nine player Draft class. Tonight, tomorrow, and in the days ahead they will add to their rookie class by signing undrafted players.

The GGN Twitter widget is embedded below to help you keep track of things. If there was ever a Twitter widget draft, it wouldn’t be an undrafted free agent. It would go number one overall, but it is still here to assist us.

Sterling Johnson, DL, Coastal Carolina

Domenique Davis, DL, UNC-Pembroke

Lamar Jackson (not that one), CB, Nebraska

Javelin Guidry, CB, Utah

Bryce Huff, EDGE, Memphis

Lawrence Cager, WR, Georgia

Jared Hilbers, OT, Washington

George Campbell, WR, West Virginia

Shyheim Carter, DB, Alabama