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Jets Mailbag: What Would Make a Successful Draft in 2020?

NFL Combine - Day 2

Since tomorrow is the scheduled start of the 2020 NFL Draft, our weekly mailbag show is moving up to Wednesday this week. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions for this mailbag. There were more good questions than there was time to answer all of them so apologies go to those whose questions went unanswered.

On today’s show we look at whether the Jets should seek a trade for OJ Howard now that the Buccaneers have acquired Rob Gronkowski, how close the Jets defense is to being championship caliber, what the Jets will need to do to make their 2020 Draft class a success, whether the Jets should seek an extension for safety Marcus Maye, how angry fans should be with early picks on defensive players, and whether a Super Bowl, won in a shortened season would have the same meaning.

Thank you as always for tuning in to the podcast.