GGN Thread About Nothing #226: Straighten Up And Fly Right


Jazz guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli was loved by just about everybody who knew him. He was on every producer's first call list as a studio musician and played with everyone from Benny Goodman to Frank Sinatra to Paul McCartney. He was also a regular member of the Tonight Show orchestra during the Carson years back when the show originated from New York. Along with Count Basie guitarist Freddie Green he's largely credited with developing a style of big band rhythm playing in the 30's and 40's that continues to this day. His career began in 1933 and he continued playing right up until his death at the age of 94 after contracting the Corona Virus.

Not only was he a great guitarist but he mentored countless young guitar players, including his own son John who carries the torch forward with his own career as a jazz artist.

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Here's the John Pizzarelli and Straighten Up And Fly Right. I love the line, "Cool down papa, don't ya blow your top."

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