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Jets Podcast: NFL Draft Talk With Connor Rogers

Georgia v Tennessee Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft is a few days away from its scheduled start. It is Joe Douglas’ first in charge of the Jets. He will be looking to lay the groundwork for a new era of success.

On today’s podcast Connor Rogers joins us to talk about the Jets’ approach. Connor writes for Bleacher Report, co-hosts the Stick to Football podcast, and has started a new Jets venture with Joe Caporoso called Badlands which looks back at the last Jets decade.

On today’s show we talk about the options the Jets have with the eleventh overall pick. Should it be a tackle or a wider receiver? Which are the best choices? How about the later rounds? Who will be available at these positions? What about edge rusher and cornerback? Connor offers us detailed analysis on what the Jets can and should do.

Thank you as always for tuning into the show.