Round 1 Mock Draft

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Picks Traded






Joe Burrow

"Does this require much explanation? Burrow is the best QB in the draft and the Bengals need a QB. Joe Burrow is the pick." - CL




Chase Young

"Washington on the clock. This is where a trade down could happen, but I don't think Ron Rivera wants to start his tenure in DC with some elaborate trade. I am back and forth on a WR and Chase Young. I go with Young based on the idea that he very well could be wearing a gold jacket at the end of his career. Chase Young is the pick." - NB




Jeffrey Okudah

"Detroit on the Clock. They could do A LOT here. They should probably trade down. I have OG, CB and EDGE as team needs. They traded Diggs mid-season and Slay just this past month. All indications point to Okudah and I think that is wise. I am not sure it makes them a better team right from the start but having him for the next five years to shadow number one receivers is going to help a lot. Jeff Okudah is the pick." - NB




Andrew Thomas

"The Giants are on the Clock. If I am the Giants, I am happy with the way this draft has played out. All WRs are on the board for Daniel Jones and the most versatile defender is sitting right there in Simmons. The Giants do neither of these. They do the responsible thing and take a Tackle in Andrew Thomas. This is a reach, but it is a solid foundation and investment into a Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley backfield. Andrew Thomas is the pick." - NB




Isaiah Simmons

"Miami is a team rebuilding, but a team with plenty of time to do so after Flores showed last year, he could be a good HC. They're trying to build something special. That requires special talents. Miami has a solid QB at the moment in Fitz, and to be honest they never really tried out Rosen and gave him a shot. They have 3 firsts, there's a good chance a QB is available later, and there's always 2021 if not. Miami is not in a rush. There's a saying I love, "don't let good players get in the way of drafting great players". Tua is a good player. But Simmons is a great player. Miami takes Simmons, a game-changing elite chess piece who can do virtually anything on defense, QBs are always around in the draft, and sure maybe Tua is the best prospect there, but there's 0 guarantee, and Simmons is a rarity and my #1 player in the draft. Isaiah Simmons is the pick." - CL




Tua Tagovailoa

"The Chargers are in desperate need of a QB. Tyrod isn't likely to be the guy to win playoff games. The Chargers coaching staff don't seem to have much time to win either. The Chargers are moving into a new stadium and need to attract fans, they need to sell tickets to avoid being a joke and to generate some revenue. They also need a QB who can win games right now. Love has a higher ceiling than Tua, but Tua has a very high floor and people love him. People will watch you and want to play for you with him there, his injuries carry risk, and his ceiling may be lower than others, but he provides a damn solid stability and base this team desperately needs as they have to fight to compete in this division and fight for fans and interest. If this is any other QB needy team I would go with Love, but it's LA. Tua Tagovailoa is the pick." CL




Javon Kinlaw

"Carolina is in a weird spot here; value doesn't meet the needs. New HC Matt Rhule likes power and believes winning starts at the line of scrimmage. This could be Wirfs with Okung past 30 years old. However, that need isn't as glaring as IDL. Another potential reach but Javon Kinlaw is the pick here." - NB




Tristan Wirfs

"Arizona is sitting pretty here. They take Tristan Wirfs, and in my opinion, this better be the pick. Protect Kyler so he can get the ball to Deandre in a pass happy offense. Tristan Wirfs is the pick." - NB


TB via JAX

14,76,194 FOR


Jedrick Wills Jr.

"TB moves up and gets their RT of the future. Jedrick Wills Jr. will protect Brady and do a good job of keeping this potential two-year window of winning a super bowl for TB open. Jedrick Wills Jr. is the pick." - NB



10 FOR 16,78

C.J. Henderson

"Atlanta takes C.J. Henderson here. The CB from Florida is perhaps the best option after Okudah at the position. In a division that just became insanely competitive, the falcons get their future defensive star. CJ Henderson is the pick." - NB




CeeDee Lamb

"The Jets roster is.... not great. They need a WR1, at least 1 OT, some IOL potentially, Edge and a CB1. The Jets would be happy moving down here. I would be happy moving down, but I can't find a partner. Darnold needs help more than anything else, ideally, he needs OL. But Becton and Jones are just a little high for me here and WR is arguably more valuable. The Jets need a WR1 that gets open, adds value in RAC, and contests every catch. Ruggs is flashy, but only 98 career catches? Jeudy is fantastic, but 7 drops this year? WR1 is Ceedee Lamb, a receiver with body control ability I've not seen coming out since Hopkins. The Jets will take OT in Round 2. CeeDee Lamb is the pick." - CL


DEN via LV

15,77 FOR 12,159

Jerry Jeudy

"The Broncos call the Raiders. They see the 9ers picking at 13 and know Jeudy will be gone there. The Broncos have a plethora of picks. Sutton is a specialist in contested catches, Jeudy gets open fast underneath and gets open quickly deep. He's the perfect complement to this offense. The Broncos offer the Raiders the following and the Raiders accept. The Broncos pay a little more than they'd like as Oakland is passing on Jeudy. Denver takes Jerry Jeudy." - CL




Kristian Fulton

"The Niners are coming off of a Super Bowl loss and it probably would have been a win if Tyreek Hill didn't get open on that ridiculous play to kickstart a comeback. The Niners have an elite defense and will add to that by adding Kristian Fulton, the CB from LSU. Ruggs III is very attractive here with his speed but Fulton is the safer pick here, also the 49ers have multiple DBs who will be FAs after this year. Kristian Fulton is the pick." - NB


JAX via TB

14,76,194 FOR


Jordan Love

"The Jags are in a rebuild, their QB is a question mark (are they tanking?), they need a WR1, a LT, an ED, DT, Multiple CBs and 2 Safeties. They have a lot of picks though. The 1st rule in being a GM is this "always be in pursuit of an elite quarterback". Is Minshew that? Maybe, maybe not. He showed some flashes but was far from spectacular and assuming he's the future is silly. I'm not sure this Front Office and coaching staff can afford to tank; will they keep their jobs if they do? Probably not. They need a flash; they need to try to win now or at least show they want to. The Jags take Jordan Love. He has the highest ceiling of any QB and when he's on form he's ridiculous, his lows are low and concerning, but teach him, build around him and in a weak division you just might win and make the playoffs. If Minshew is the guy you can flip Love for a 2 next year anyway just like with Rosen. It's a risk, but with high risk comes high reward. Jordan Love is the pick." - CL


LV via DEN

15,77 FOR 12,159

Derrick Brown

"Oakland. Needs? CB, WR, DT. Corner is a need obviously, but they pick in 4 picks time and a guy will be there. WR and DT then. The WR class is deep, WRs are often found outside of R1 and a guy will be there at 19 most likely. There is however a massive drop-off after DTs 1 and 2. DT2 is Brown to me. He has an incredibly high floor but just lacks the upside of Kinlaw as a pass rusher. He's big and powerful, pushes the pocket and crushes the run. He can rush the passer but not at an elite level, his run D is ridiculous though. The Raiders love "guys", people with great personalities, people from great colleges. Brown is certainly that. Derrick Brown is easily the pick here." – CL


LV via CLE via ATL

16,187 FOR 19,91

Justin Jefferson

"The Browns look at the board and decide there's 2 OTs worth taking. They feel comfortable moving back again. The Raiders call, they're getting splashy. They offer 19 and 91 (3rd) for 16 and a 6th. Cleveland accepts. Gladney and Ruggs on the board. A CB1 or WR1. Who do they take? Gladney can be a great man corner; he has elite athletic traits. Ruggs is a fantastic athlete, his speed is deadly, and his hands are solid. But Gladney lacks length, he will struggle against the big WRs in that division. Ruggs? He struggled to separate despite his speed, also why did he have only 98 career catches? Questions, questions. Who do they take? Neither, they take Justin Jefferson.

Carr doesn't go deep so Ruggs is wasted. Carr LOVES to attack the middle of the field and was at his best with Crabtree, a contested catch guy, Jefferson went 13/14 on contested catches last year. An instant impact and a guy that showed off at the combine, proving he has the speed to play inside or outside. Justin Jefferson is the pick here." - CL




Grant Delpit

"The Dallas Cowboys can't find a trade partner and must make a pick. Ruggs III is available and that was not expected. Ruggs can be a great asset in the passing game for Dak and QBs had a 151-passer rating when Ruggs was targeted at Alabama. He is a reliable pass catcher but can clearly get lost in the shuffle. The Cowboys have struggled to force turnovers and Jaylon Johnson the CB from Utah can do just that. However, Safety has been a major concern for years and Ha-Ha Clinton Dix is not a long-term solution. The Cowboys take Safety Grant Delpit from LSU." - NB




Mekhi Becton

"Miami is on the clock. As said before this team has the time to assess needs along with value rather than reaching. Herbert is still available, as is Fromm who I like. However, the "don't let good players keep you from drafting great players" rings in my ears. How good is Herbert? His processor seems slow and he's often late. Fromm is fine but not special. This OL is pretty atrocious right now too, I don't think any QB can succeed behind it. Becton and Jones are on the board, Becton has the upside, but Jones has a higher grade for me. I take Becton, a freak that can learn and develop and if he reaches his ceiling would be nearly unplayable. I still have 26, 39 and 56 for a QB, or I can address it in 2021 if necessary. I'm not letting Becton slip past here. Mekhi Becton is the pick." - CL


CLE via LV

16,187 FOR 19,91

Josh Jones

"The Browns moved back a couple of times and get some nice capital. They also still have a good LT option available in Jones. They snap him up here, Baker can be really good when protected and this transformation of the OL can propel this team into the playoffs. Josh Jones is the pick." - CL




Henry Ruggs III

"The Jags have a multitude of picks now. Their defense is still bad, but their offense isn't much better. They just drafted a QB and helping Love (or Minshew) out is the move, which means WT or OT. Ruggs is somehow on the board, Love has the arm talent to unlock him deep and he can devastate you with YAC underneath too. Ruggs is an easy pick here before Philly steals him. Henry Ruggs is the pick." - CL




Tee Higgins

"It is no secret the Eagles need a playmaker at a skill position here. Wentz can make sugar out of salt and that was on display last season. The coaching staff adds an ingredient to help Wentz out and WR Tee Higgins is the selection with a big frame at 6'4". He is perhaps the most complete "big framed" receiver to come out of the draft in quite some time and gives Wentz a nice big target. Tee Higgins is the pick." - NB




Jaylon Johnson

"Minnesota traded away Stefon Diggs in the off season and they are going to need to replace him. That is easier said than done but there are plenty of options on the board. Reagor could be the move here but he likes to drop the ball and Kirk Cousins will quickly lose patience with that. Instead, the Vikings go for a playmaker at CB in Utah's Jaylon Johnson. Great instincts and he is going to be a playmaker. Jaylon Johnson is the pick." - NB


GB via NE

30,62 FOR 23,100

Patrick Queen

"Looking at the value, and the Pats roster, I want to move back a little. I want a 2nd round pick. GB sees an opportunity and strikes, giving up their 2nd but getting back one of NEs 3 3rd rounders.The move here is obviously Patrick Queen, the standout LB from LSU. Built like a safety but extremely efficient at the LB position. Reminds me of a more polished Deone Bucannon when he came out. GB gets their guy to command the defense, they signed Kirksey, but they didn't fix the LB spot. Patrick Queen is the pick." – CL & NB




Justin Herbert

"The Saints like Pittman Jr. here. Big body receiver and will be a part of the creative offensive game-plan for years to come. HE DOES NOT DROP PASSES. But you need a QB to throw the ball and after this season not much is certain. Saints take Herbert to learn behind Drew Brees for a year or two. Justin Herbert is the pick." - NB




Michael Pittman Jr.

"Minnesota is on the clock and Pittman Jr. is sitting pretty for them. They desperately need another WR, they have only 1 decent WR on the roster. The USC WR gets the call to be a Viking. Michael Pittman Jr is the pick." - NB




Antoine Winfield Jr.

"Edge and Safeties are on the board. Both valuable positions. QB would be a reach, they can take Fromm or Hurts in R2 though. Miami needs both Edge and Safety. However, a Bellichek disciple knows the value of a great cover safety. Miami takes Antoine Winfield Jr, an elite playmaker with great ball skills. Antoine Winfield Jr. is the pick." - CL




A.J. Epenesa

"Seattle on the clock. Pete Carrol is a defensive mind and Clowney is not going to be back. A.J. Epenesa is the pick and at 6'5"277 lbs. there hasn't been a power end prospect like him in a while, he can play Edge in base 4-3 (they ran Base more than any other team in 2019) and inside in nickel. AJ Epenesa is the pick." – NB & CL




Cesar Ruiz

"The Ravens offense is very unique and requires a good OL. The Ravens just lost future hall of famer Marshall Yanda. They had a need on the IOL that's now a big need. There's 2 options, Jonah Jackson and Cesar Ruiz. Jonah is the better pass blocker and is stronger and more pro-ready. Ruiz has the ceiling, can play C or G and has the speed. Ruiz is the pick, his fluidity and versatility is coveted and keeping this offense functioning is important. Cesar Ruiz is the pick." - CL




Jonah Jackson

"The Titans currently have old Roger Saffold at LG, Nate Davis at RG, and god knows who at RT. The OL needs help, especially if they want to keep running this vertical power run offense.

Jonah Jackson was nearly taken for Baltimore and is the pick here. He's a fantastic pass protector with elite balance and a mauler in the run game who blew holes open for Dobbins.

The Titans want to pound the rock, and this is how they do it. Jonah Jackson is the pick." - CL


NE via GB

30,62 FOR 23,100

K’Lavon Chaisson

"NE is on the board again.

They usually like power run defending edge rushers. But Bill did trade up once for Chandler Jones, a bendy strong dominant rusher. He loved Chubb coming out too. No pass rusher left has more upside than K'Lavon Chaisson. No, he didn't generate pressure at the rate you'd like, he's not refined, but he's young, a hard worker and a ridiculous athlete. Is there a better coach for him than Bill? I doubt it. Chaisson is the pick and he can become a dominant edge rusher in NE. K'Lavon Chaisson is the pick." - CL




Netane Muti

"As mentioned, the 49ers need to make something happen here. They don't have a lot of holes to fill but they do have weaknesses. Luckily, my OG1 is sitting here in Netane Muti. Though he has been plagued with injuries his last two seasons, the reward can be tremendous when healthy. Muti helps protect Jimmy G and keeps the running game a threat throughout the entire NFL. Netane Muti is the pick." - NB




Jeff Gladney

"The Chiefs current top 3 CBs are; Charvarius Ward, Bashaud Breeland and Rashad Fenton.

Ward and Breeland played well last year but neither are a #1. Gladney is the pick, a great athlete and a fantastic player. They lock up a cheap CB1 for a few years. Jeff Gladney is the pick. "- CL

* CL and NB annotate Connor Lee and Nick Burmood, the two participants and amateur scouts in this mock draft.

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