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Jets Podcast: NFL Draft Overreactions to Avoid

NFL: APR 26 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The scheduled start of the 2020 NFL Draft is just over a week away. The Jets and the rest of the league will look to add young talent to their rosters.

In the aftermath of the NFL Draft there is frequently overreaction. I should know. I have frequently overreacted in the past. All of us have ideas about what our teams should do. All of us have prospects we like and prospects we dislike. If your team follows your preferred course, you are likely to declare it a great Draft. If your team doesn’t, you might express disappointment. Immediate Draft reactions both positive and negative frequently prove to be incorrect over the long haul, though. Even the most brilliant minds in the history of the game have made Draft errors.

On today’s podcast I give thoughts on things you can do to help prevent these overreactions. There are certain things worth ignoring during and immediately after the NFL Draft.

Thanks for listening.