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Jets Podcast: Positional Thoughts in the 2020 Draft

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Jerome Davis/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft is almost here. The annual event is scheduled for late next week. The Jets currently own the eleventh overall selection, a second round pick, and a pair of third rounders (in addition to their day three picks).

There are many goals for the NFL Draft. The most important of these goals is to add desperately-needed young talent to the roster to finally move forward a seemingly perennial rebuild. Another goal which is not totally separate has to be improving critical positions of need.

That is the topic of today’s podcast. On the show I give some thoughts on how I think the Jets should approach the 2020 Draft from a positional standpoint. Some positions are more important than others in the NFL. Some positions have a deeper class than others in 2020. Some positions are in worse shape than others for the Jets. Some positions are important for long-term investment.

I offer thoughts on all of this and more on today’s show.

Thanks for listening.