Thinking outside the box on draft day: Let’s give Miami a call!

Sounds like sacrilege? A rough topic for Easter? I say appropriate for the rebirth of a franchise with a new GM.

The fish have amassed an elite stock of draft capital with six picks in the top-70 (#’s 5, 18, 26, 39, 56, 70 to be exact). If they’re anywhere near smart, they don’t like Tua (multiple surgeries) or Herbert (no elite skill + Oregon QB’s never pan out). Here’s where Joe Douglas comes in...

*George Costanza voice* A call is placed...

...gauging the fins’ interest in moving back from #5, a notion they’d surely scoff at. In that convo, JD gushes about their enviable position of taking the best player available after the Burrow, Young, Okudah, Wirfs chalk factory, given that we wouldn't touch Tua with a 10ft pole even at #35. A passing mention about receiving calls for #11 from teams looking at Love. "So many teams high on this kid despite questionable competition. I see the upside and whatnot, but we have a QB here so..."

A dialogue then begins about moving back from #11 into one of Miami’s later firsts after they go BPA @ #5. Of course they’d never throw us two #1’s to go from 18 to 11 "hahaha" and whatnot. But what about some of those other choice picks? Maybe the fins have their eye on Love but oh, he won’t get past #11 b/c JD already has offers on the table. Surely the compensation wouldn’t be huge to go from #18 to 11, but what would it take to get from #26 to 11? Certainly a haul.

I imagine folks here would be weary of dropping all the way down to 26, especially allowing the fish to keep #18, but I envision an offer of #11+79+159 returning from Miami #26, 39, 56 + 70. Now NYJ is the club with 6 picks in the top-70. Miami gets an O-lineman at #5, Love at #11, a wideout at #18. Joe D gets to pick 6 players between #26 & #70, re-stocking a depleted roster. Everyone wins! (Really we win, Love is a huge project imho).

Worst case scenario, we scare them into taking Love at #5 (lololol) and then maybe an #11 for 18 deal so they can grab that 4th best OL to protect him. #11+120 for #18, 56 + 70 sounds pretty good to me.

Hope all my tri-state Jets brethren are are having a terrific & joyous, COVID-free Passover/Easter. Draft in 11 days!

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