Culture. The talk of losers

I’m sick of hearing about "CULTURE". It is the talk of losers. It is the owner, front office and coaches blaming the players and absolving themselves of any role in the teams failure. You want to solve your teams "CULTURE" problem, WIN!

Find a coach that makes the players better and gives them a chance. Players have only a few years to cash in a sport where one injury can end a lifetime of work.

Find a coach the players respect and fear. One who holds them accountable for their mistakes while recognizing their limitations and more importantly practices what he preaches. Find coaches who are willing to evolve and constantly striving to become better at their craft Here are some tells to help identify the winners from the losers. If your HC says sometime alarm clocks don’t go off fire him If your HC has trouble attracting quality asst coaches, fire him If your HC says my defense doesn’t work because I don’t have a safety, fire him. Find one whose not a clown or a "players coach". Tough stuff.

Find an owner who is not a money grubbing, trust fund baby loser who takes personal responsibility for the team on the field. Find one who has some dignity and acknowledges that as the owner the ultimate responsibility for the state of the franchise is his. Here’s a clue to identify a bad owner. Find an owner good coaches actually want to work for. His last name is Johnson. He gives his trust fund baby Brother his first job at age 58 to run the franchise. He extends the contracts of HCs and GMs everyone in the league and hometown fans know are idiots. His last name is Johnson. His last name is Johnson. That’s one of the best owner screening tools on the planet.

Find a GM who understands the ramifications of drafting a QB in the second round for a franchise starved for one. Find a GM who doesn’t draft a developmental QB without having a QB coach. Find a GM who thinks offensive line is more important than special teams and merits a first round pick more than an average of once per decade. Find one who doesn’t tell the HC he wants to hire that he can’t pick his own defensive coordinator. Find a GM whose front office and coaching staff aren’t in unanimous agreement he is an idiot. Find a GM who doesn’t draft two safeties with his top two selections for a team with no offense. Find a GM who understands second round picks actually have value and flyers are better suited for later rounds when your roster is a disaster. Find a GM a good HC actually wants to work with. I have to stop here or I’ll never finish

Talk about "CULTURE" is BS and always has been. It’s just the way for the people in charge to blame everyone but themselves for their failures.

WINNING breeds CULTURE. The HC is responsible for establishing the "CULTURE" of the locker room not your draft picks. You want to change the "CULTURE" of the Jets locker room build an offensive line that isn’t the worst in the league.

Stop the BS losing talk about "CULTURE" being the Jets problem. Our problem is a stupid, horrid owner who no one wants to work for, making seat of the pants decisions and arranged marriages of GMs and HCs. This is a franchise coaches and players avoid like the corona virus.

I’m very unimpressed and concerned by what JD has done so far and every time he talks about the "CULTURE" of the locker room only adds to it. CULTURE talk is LOSER talk.

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