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Jets Podcast: Listener Spotlight, Volume 2

New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Today we continue our listener spotlight podcast series. JJ from South Jersey joins me to discuss his experience as a Jets fan.

JJ started rooting for the Jets around 2007. It was a difficult year for Jets, but some better years followed. The 2008 Jets improved with Brett Favre even though the season ended in disappointment. Then came the 2009 and 2010 seasons under Rex Ryan where the team ascended to the elite in the NFL. Those Jets teams both fell just short of a trip to the Super Bowl.

Things haven’t been so pleasant since then, but the Jets do have some hope on the horizon in the form of a promising young quarterback.

You can listen to JJ and I discuss the Jets fan experience since 2007, trips to see games in person, and what the future holds.

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