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Jets re-sign David Fales

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Jets have re-signed backup quarterback David Fales per Adam Schefter.

Fales was an in season signing for the Jets last season. The team needed a quarterback after Sam Darnold got mono and Trevor Siemian got injured.

Fales was signed as Luke Falk’s backup after being cut the Lions in August. The Jets chose to keep Fales around and cut Falk once Darnold returned. He did not attempt a pass with the Jets in 2019.

I’m not sure whether Schefter is speculating about Fales serving as the backup quarterback or whether he has any information. Either way, Fales should not be in serious consideration for the second quarterback job. There is no harm in signing him as a placeholder for now, but last year showed the importance of bringing in a quality backup quarterback. If Fales isn’t replaced on the depth chart by the time the season begins, something has gone wrong.