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Jets Podcast: Joe Douglas’ Early Plan

NFL Combine - Day 2

Free agency is starting to slow down. The Jets and other teams in the NFL will still make signings in the days ahead. There are still a few prominent players who remain available such as Jadeveon Clowney. Players will continue to be signed into the summer, but the busy period is nearing its end. We largely now know what Joe Douglas’ first free agent class as Jets general manager looks like.

On today’s podcast we look at what this might tell us about some of his team building philosophies. To be certain we cannot make any definitive statements based on one free agent class, but we now have at least some information at our disposal. That is more than we could say a few weeks ago. If Douglas continues on his current path, what strategies can we expect to see the Jets use over the next few years?

Thanks as always for tuning in to the show.