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Which of their non-key free agents will the Jets bring back?

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As we head towards March, the Jets have some big decisions to make on some of their key free agents namely Robby Anderson, Jordan Jenkins, Kelvin Beachum, Alex Lewis, Brandon Shell and Brian Poole, but what about the rest?

The Jets have plenty of other unrestricted free agents, each of whom shouldn’t be that expensive to bring back. The Jets have already extended a few players but the rest look set to hit the market. Which ones will ultimately return though?

Here’s the list along with our guesses:

Trevor Siemian

The Jets do urgently need a reliable back-up and Siemian is unlikely to be expensive and has learned the system. However, he was unimpressive in preseason and lasted just half a game when Sam Darnold was unavailable. Verdict: No.

Rontez Miles

One of the longest-tenured Jets and still an important special teamer, it makes sense for the Jets to re-sign Miles, but his roster spot will be far from guaranteed if they do. Verdict: Yes.

Demaryius Thomas

After surrendering a pick to get Thomas, the Jets may be keen to bring back the 32-year old who caught 36 passes for them last season. He doesn’t seem to be a priority, but at the same time there isn’t much of a market for him so he could be affordable. Verdict: Yes.

Ryan Kalil

Having missed the second half of a season that was going badly anyway due to injury, Kalil seems certain to head back to retirement. Verdict: No.

Brandon Copeland

Copeland has been versatile and relatively productive for the Jets, in addition to providing some veteran leadership. It seems likely the Jets will at least give him a shot at retaining his spot. Verdict: Yes.

Tom Compton

Compton is a back-up option who would find his spot in jeopardy if the Jets were to bring in plenty of reinforcements on the line as expected. With a total overhaul on the horizon, Compton’s return perhaps seems unlikely. Verdict: No.

Neville Hewitt

Hewitt was productive in relief duties but ultimately graded out as one of the worst linebackers in the league. Surprisingly, over 90% of respondents to a recent AP poll wanted him back, though. As a low-cost reserve/special teamer? Sure. Verdict: Yes.

Brent Qvale

Qvale spent most of last year on the injured list before getting some late-season relief action. He’s a back-up at best and really in the same boat as Compton. Verdict: No.

Bilal Powell

Powell, another of the longest-tenured Jets, wasn’t used much last year after the Jets initially let him walk but then re-signed him later on in the offseason. Look for the Jets to bring in some youth at the running back position instead. Verdict: No.

Albert McClellan

McClellan made some special teams contributions last year, but the Jets have several other options, all of whom are younger than the 34-year old. Verdict: No.

Ty Montgomery

The way the Jets used Montgomery last year was confounding after they had indicated in preseason that he was expected to be a key piece. Maybe he could return if the Jets trade Le’Veon Bell, but would he even want to? Verdict: No.

David Fales

The Jets signed Mike White off the practice squad to a futures deal, so bringing Fales back as another camp arm isn’t impossible. He doesn’t have a realistic shot at the number two role, though, so he’s not going to be a high priority. Verdict: No.

Paul Worrilow

Like Kalil, Worrilow probably wishes he had stayed retired. Most of his Jets tenure was spent on the injured list anyway. Verdict: No.

Maurice Canady

Arguably one of the most promising names on this list. Canady found himself in the starting line-up by the end of the year and - unlike Bless Austin, Nate Hairston and Art Maulet - didn’t make any major mistakes to lead to a benching. The Jets should be retaining young potential contributors. Verdict: Yes.

Lachlan Edwards

This is an interesting one. Edwards is arguably the most reliable punter the Jets have had in decades, while somehow also being thoroughly underwhelming. This one could go either way, but if you don’t need to guarantee him too much money, bringing him back to compete for the job makes sense. Verdict: Yes.

This is only a prediction. Feel free to let us know how your own prediction would differ, along with what you think the Jets should do and who should be their main priorities in the comments.