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Jets free agency news and live updates 3/17

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Today is the second day of the NFL’s “legal tampering” period. Although the league year has technically not begun, for all intents and purposes it has. Players are reaching agreements with new teams, and 2020 rosters are at least beginning to take shape.

The Jets had a relatively quiet first day. Their only signing of note was George Fant from Seattle. Fant is the first attempt the Jets have made to upgrade their offensive line this offseason. It presumably won’t be the last. Fant’s contract will be for 3 years and $30 million with $13.7 million guaranteed.

The biggest news for the AFC East so far is Tom Brady’s announcement that he will be leaving the Patriots after 20 seasons. Now we wait to find out where he will play this season.

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