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A quiet start to free agency for the Jets

NFL Combine - Day 2

Monday was the first day teams were allowed to speak with free agents, and the Jets were not among the team making a big splash.

In a somewhat surprising move, news broke this morning that the Patriots were putting the franchise tag on Joe Thuney, who was a rumored Jets target.

Other potential upgrades on the offensive line Jack Conklin and Graham Glasgow found new homes in other cities.

A pair of big name cornerbacks are also now off the board.

I now sense a collective freak out among large portions of the Jets fanbase. That’s what always happens when the Jets don’t come out of the gate spending big.

If I may offer some advice, calm down. For years we have had a front row view to how successful contracts typically are in the first few days of free agency. The guys who sign early agree to these deals because they are typically so overpriced that they don’t have a choice. The failure rate on these contracts is very high.

Would I have complained if the Jets had overpaid to upgrade the offensive line? I probably wouldn’t have, but we are one day into the offseason. The Jets still have time to upgrade their roster. This is not a time to throw in the towel on the entire offseason.

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