AGOP: Loud Thunder, Heavy Rain

For as long as I have been watching the Jets, one thing has always been clear, there is no direction. Many fans on GGN have outperformed the actual Jets front office in terms of scouting, drafts, and free agents we should make an effort to sign. I don't think the future is as bleak as the last decade has been. We have a promising General Manager. We have a superstar on our defense. Most importantly we have a very young QB that has shown a lot of flashes that we may be in business. The key is to make smart decisions which type of players we bringing, and can build around on both offense and defense. So here is what I would do if I were running the Jets:

Current Cap Space : $50 Million

Current Roster Cuts (Cap Savings):

Trumaine Johnson ($3 mil)- The worst signing since I have been a fan. No need to say more.

Brian Winters ($7.2 mil)- Whether the excuse is talent around him or injury, Winters is just not a very good player. Even at a cheaper rate, it should not be hard to upgrade.

Darryl Roberts ($6 mil)- When you struggle to stay on the field, on one of the most horrendous cornerback groups, you probably should not be surprised to not be making $6 mil.

Josh Bellamy and Jonathan Harrison ($4.5 mil)- The exact same cap savings for two players that did not contribute much.

Nate Hairston ($2.1 mil)- Cheaper player, but not really much upside.

Avery Williamson ($6.5 mil)- I think Williamson is a solid player. I actually think it would make a lot of sense to keep him, if we didn't have CJ Mosley. Unfortunately I think Mosley is the better player, and Williamson would not have a need here.

Ross Travis, Charles Trapper, Conor McDermott ($2.2 mil)- I'll be honest, I wouldn't know who these guys are without looking.

Cap Space After Signing: $81.5 Million

Resignings (Cap Hit):

Brian Poole, CB: 3 years, $29 mil ($9 mil)- I am not a fan of breaking the bank for a slot corner, but Poole played well enough to stay in the $9 mil range. He fits the defense well, and I would prefer a familiar face rather than gambling on an unknown.

Alex Lewis, G: 2 years, $7 mil ($4 mil)- Lewis is a solid rotational fringe starter player. On a team without any talent along the line, I would love to see him back to compete for a starting role.

Neville Hewitt, LB: 1 year $1.5 mil($1.5 mil)- The strongest group on our team was the linebacker position. Newitt is a cheap option, but I like that his floor is not incredibly low.

Paul Worrilow, LB: 1 year, $1 mil ($1 mil)- Worrilow seems to be a less talented player, but offers a it of upside with a good work attitude.

Cap Space After Signings: $66 Million. If you thought I was a little light on the resigning, I see no better way to end the Jets struggles than to cut ties with some very mediocre to bad players that were brought it and underperformed. I would love to bring back Robby Anderson, but I think he will be priced out of our Market.

Free Agent Signings:

Graham Glasglow, G/C: 4 years, $40 mil ($9 mil)- Glasglow is my top free agent choice for this year. He has the ability to play center or guard at a high level. He had an excellent year this year, and was a key contributor in the Lions offense, prior to Stafford being hurt.

Jason Peters, LT: 2 years, $12 mil ($8 mil)- The average lineman is not going to play until they are 38 years old. Peters has seemed to find the Brady fountain of youth. When he is healthy and on the field, he is one of the best LT's in the game. He is the perfect stop gap, that also gives us an immediate upgrade.

Jack Conklin, RT: 6 years, $90 mil ($16 mil)- A premier, young, elite RT does not hit the market very often. It is easy to talk yourself out of paying this much to a RT, but we really need this guy. He is a mauler in the run game. He is elite in the pass game. We bite the bullet to solidify this offensive line.

Mackensie Alexander, CB: 3 years, $25 mil, ($8.5 mil)- A zone heavy corner that has been buried on the Vikings roster. If there were an under the radar free agent I would bet would outperform his contract, it would be this kid.

Cameron Erving, T: 1 year, $2 mil ($2 mil)- A depth signings along the offensive line. A talented T that has really struggled to put together a solid season.

Shane Ray, DE/OLB 1 year, $.7 mil (.$7 mil)- Finding an EDGE is going to be hard this year. I take a shot on a former first rounder that did not play in 2019. In a non guaranteed contract, it is a lost risk move.

Cam Phillips, WR: 2 years, $6 mil ($3 mil)- An XFL standout that gets a shot in the NFL. It is a toss up on what position the Jets are worse at WR or Offensive Line. We need to add talent wherever we can.

Xavier Su'a Filo, G: 2 years, $5 mil ($2 mil)- A depth piece I have always been a fan of. He has been buried on the Cowboys elite offensive line, but is capable of playing well in spot starts.

Cameron Wake, EDGE: 1 year, $1 mil ($1 mil)- Wake was a cap casualty in Tennessee. While he only had 2.5 sacks last year, he has over 100 career sacks. If he was interest in playing, he would be a good player to bring in during situational pass rush opportunities.

Marquette King, P: 1 year, $.8 mil (.8 mil)- The rumor is Edwards may be on the way out. King is a speculator Punter with excellent hang time and accuracy.

Ryan Succop, K- 1 year, $ 1.5 mil- I am not a big fan of paying kickers. Succop can be brought in for a camp leg.

Current Cap Space: $15 million

Draft: This where we really need to hit a home run. My philosophy is always BPA, unless there is absolutely no need at the position. I am also a huge fan of adding picks whenever it makes sense.

Trades: At pick 11 all 4 of the top offensive Tackles are off the board. Indianapolis wants to leapfrog Las Vegas to. select Jordan Love. We receive picks 13 and 75. While I realized there is about 100 points difference, QB always drives up a trade value, and a 3rd round pick makes sense for both parties.

At pick 13, Jerry Juedy is still on the board, and the Packers make a huge trade to move up. We receive pick 30, 62, 175 and a 2021 2nd Round pick.

Pick 30, Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor: Mims has been my favorite prospect for almost 3 years. At one point in time he was going to be the best kept secret as a late round flyer in the 2019 draft. However, all 6' 3" 203 pounds of him posted another 1000 yard season, and tore through the combine. He has incredible hands and body control. Route running is improving, but it is his weakest area.

Pick 48, Lloyd Cushenberry, CG- Draft slots for Cushenberry seem to be somewhere between 30-50. He I the second best interior linemen in the draft. He has very solid footwork and strength. The Jets finally find their Center for the future.

Pick 62, Chase Claypool, WR- One of the biggest issues for the Jets has always been a lack of playmakers. We have to get bigger, stronger and faster on offense. Claypool is big, strong, fast and very productive. An excellent player to create mismatches for Darnold.

Pick 68, Jalen Hurts, QB- This may seem like an odd pick. We have Sam Darnold, and we need to add talent right? Well quarterbacks miss games. Sam Darnold misses games. Bad luck and injuries happen all the time. Why not add a player who has dedicated himself to the QB position, performed at the higher collegiate stage, and find a guy that offers a lot of upside? It also is a fraction of what a free agent backup QB would cost.

Pick 75, Cameron Dantzler, CB- This is a corner that loves to hit. His weakness is his aggressive play, but is also his biggest strength. An injury has made him drop into the 3rd round in most mocks.

Pick, 79 Jonah Jackson, OT- Jackson is a very smart linemen. He sort of reminds me of Beachum. He will not wow you with athleticism or strength, but he knows how to use his body well and is extremely smart.

Pick 120, James Proche, WR- At 5'11 you would not think it, but this dude is the alpha dog every time he is on the field. He is tough and highpoint the ball well. He runs amazing routes and will "out physical" anyone guarding him. He adds a smaller, twitchy target for Sam to work the middle of the field with.

Pick 158 Alex Taylor, OT- Taylor is a prototypical LT in terms of size. He is extremely athletic, so much so, that he is originally a basketball player. Learning th position and refining his footwork will be the key to his future success. As far as potential, this guy has as much potential as anyone in the draft.

Pick 175 James Robinson, RB- When you watch Robinson play, it is easier to draw comparisons to David Johnson. Smaller school prospect, catches, returns kicks, and is a very elusive back. 1899 yards and 18 TDs while averaging 5.2 YPC.

Pick 191 John Reid, CB- Reid may not be a typical outside CB. He is a little short and a little light. He has good enough speed to play the slot and in Nickel and Dime packages. He also had 8 pass break ups and 2 INTs last year.

Pick 211 Micahel Divinity JR, OLB- If I am taking a flyer on a player, I want an LSU defensive player. There are so many stars, that is easy to glance over really really good players. He is a true off the back backer that has the ability to generate some pass rush.

UDFA Signings:

Reggie Corbin, RB- An Eckler type back. Spent a lot of time injured at Illinois, but is able to find the holes.

Jet Toner, K- Perfect first name for our future hero. He was a perfect 13/13 on XP last season at Stanford. He had a 80% and 93% FG% before being injured in 2019 leading to a small dip to 75% in 2019. A good Kicker to bring into camp.

Well that is it. The GT7 2020 AGOP. I used for cap space and the free agent market value. I used Draftek as my main draft slot placement for players, as well as the trade value chart. I also used past trades to create a fair trade with us and the Colts. We also have an extra 2nd round pick in 2021. Let me know what you think.

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