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Bonus Mailbag: Which Jets cornerback is most promising?

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today we finish the podcasting week with a second mailbag. We already had our weekly mailbag episode on Thursday, but due to circumstances related to events in the world I wasn’t able to record a discussion with Friday’s regularly scheduled guest. We did get enough mailbag questions to fill up a second show so thanks to everybody who sent them in this week. I wasn’t even able to get to every question.

On this mailbag we discuss what type of interest the Jets should have in trading for Washington’s Trent Williams, which young cornerbacks on the roster seem the most promising, whether the cost of quarterbacks is becoming too high in the NFL, Jamison Crowder’s contractual situation and the potential impact it could have on the Jets, why the Jets have the 16th pick in the second round of the Draft, what we should ignore in the offseason, and more.

Thanks for listening.