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Jets podcast: Talking punters, lines, and Sam Darnold with Michael Nania

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s podcast Michael Nania joins me to discuss the 2019 Jets and where things should go from here.

You probably have been upset about the lack of punter talk this offseason. Michael has a lot of great in depth statistics noting the Jets’ success while punting. Ideally the Jets will punt the ball on a less frequent basis in 2020, but it should be noted that the unit was excellent in 2019. Lachlan Edwards is a free agent, but Michael argues the Jets should look to keep him.

We also discuss the ugly performance of the offensive line and the impressive performance of the defensive line in 2019. The defensive group had young guys step up. The offensive group needs to find young guys who will step up.

We also talk about Sam Darnold and where things stand with him after his second season in the NFL.

Thanks for listening.