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Jets podcast: Why building through free agency doesn’t work in the NFL

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The NFL season is officially over. The games have been finished for the Jets (and most of the other teams in the NFL) for weeks, but we are now past the Super Bowl. All 32 teams are looking solely at the upcoming offseason.

Around the start of the new league year, free agency will begin. Teams will make big signings. Those that spend a lot of money will generate buzz and be declared the winner of free agency.

Then many of the big signings will ultimately fail.

You can’t build your team through free agency in NFL. It might be a cliche by this point, but it is largely true. That is the focus of today’s podcast. I will discuss what that statement really means. Building through the Draft doesn’t mean totally neglecting free agency, but it impacts the types of players your team seeks. I will discuss in detail.

Thanks for listening to the show.