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Jets Mailbag: What Does Joe Douglas Need to Do This Offseason to Inspire Confidence?

NFL Combine - Day 2

Today we have our weekly Thursday podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions for the show. As I always say, I don’t know how a mailbag podcast could work without mailbag questions. In fact, it probably couldn’t. If your question went unanswered, please feel free to send it again for next week’s mailbag.

Today we look at what Joe Douglas needs to do this offseason in order to inspire confidence he can be more effective than his recent predecessors, whether Marquise Goodwin of the 49ers is a viable trade target for the Jets, whether the team should focus on an elite receiver prospect or an elite tackle prospect with its first round pick, how the team should approach edge rusher in free agency, an option at tackle, and why Adam Gase’s offense didn’t go up tempo on a more frequent basis.

Thanks as always for tuning in to the show.