Swea's Jets 2020 Offseason plan

Hello Everyone! This is my first fan post so I apologize for what will most likely not be a aesthetically pleasing article. I just wanted to voice what my strategy would be for the jets this off season and give my two cents on what the jets plans should be (or how I would handle it at least).

That said I don't have access to salary numbers and so on but I will try to be as fair as possible working with what I estimate is an approximately 65 mil after all the cuts I make. My goal with this plan is to be realistic, fair, and accurate while outlining a plan to fill as many of our swiss cheese holes as possible.


Brian Winters, Josh Bellamy, Nate Hairston, Trumaine Johnson, (Harrison)

FA - for each I will give an Ideal range and ( ) = max salary offer (obviously less is nicer but realism folks)


C - Connor McGovern ~ 8-10 ml (11 ml)

IOL- Glasglow ~ 8-10 (10), Spain ~ 8-10 (10), Thuney ~ 11-12 (13)- I would Ideally like to get 2/3 of these guys

T - Vaitai ~ 4-8 (8) - I'm really not sure what kind of price Vaitai would fetch, I really like him and if we can get him cheap he should be an absolute priority signing. Beachum - 7-8 (8) - if we can sign beachum on a cheap stop gap deal we resign him.

MAX spend on OL - 40 mil - basically as you can tell I would be pouring money into the = O-line as priority will allow us to build a winning team. I believe there is a very strong correlation between consistently strong O-line play and winning teams.


pass rush -

Dante Fowler JR. - (10) mil - I would love to get Dante Fowler but I feel we will be priced out after the heavy investments in o-line.


Bud Dupree (10) - Similarly I feel dupree might be the sneakiest signing of the off-season he may come relatively cheap for a high ceiling signing but we could be priced out.

CB -

Kevin Johnson (8) - another great value signing. coming from a stellar Bills secondary he may be a low teir CB2 for them but on the jets he'd be our CB1 or CB2 and a major upgrade for us.


Brian Poole (10) - I would transition tag poole, we cannot afford to loose him and I would not risk letting him hit free agency.

the rest of the corner back class appears to be old or expensive and after being burned by TJ I'd prefer to load up in the draft.

Thats pretty much it for free agency. My FA strategy is to avoid the big spending and try to stick to medium value players and then build through the draft. I also believe this is a very weak WR FA class and other then Robby and Amari (both of whom we cannot afford) I'm not interested in any.

DRAFT: I ran a simulation where I made realistic picks for all 32 teams. I feel like this is the only way to get an semi-accurate result as the draft bots tend to favor what I feel are inaccurate draft boards (of course this is entirely subjective.) I'm also only projecting rounds 1-4 because I don't feel confident in my scouting past that point.

1 - Mekhi Becton OT (jeudy lamb and becton available with rest of OTs gone.) If I was doing trades I would likely try to trade back for an extra second or third from here. I'd also consider just taking one of these stud WRs and going for a tackle in the second. If you feel these recievers are like a Hopkins or a Julio Jones I'd take one and let Sam grow with them.

2- Brandon Aiyuk WR- I know the jets have their eye on aiyuk and he was the best WR available at my pick.

3a- Tyler Biaddaz IOL - I just want to be able to say what a Bad A** this guy is all the time. but I also feel he would be a great value in the early 3rd. A tremendous run blocker who is falling a bit on boards.

3b - Kenny Willekes EDGE - Love this guys drive, and energy, I think he would be a good locker room peice and a strong edge rusher.

4- Byran Edwards WR - if we can get him in the 4th he would be an absolute steal (he is a reason I would like an extra third rounder.), guy has great hands and body positioning. Little known name but great player. Should be s star in the short game and red zone.

Projected Roster - a pipe dream I know, but I do feel this or something close to this is possible. I can only pray the big JD follows such a strategy. Its impossible to fill all of our holes this off season but this is close to the best roster we could hope to put out there.

LT - Becton, LG - Glasglow or thuney, C - McGovern (Biaddaz), RG - Spain (biaddaz), RT -Vaitai, (Chuma)

WR- Aiyuk, Crowder, Edwards, Vyncent Smith- other Rookies or low cost vets

QB- Darnold - late round draft or lost cost vet back up

RB- LBELL - (unless we can dumb salary), Rookie, Cannon

IDL - McC, Q. williams, Phillips etc.. no change

DE - Willekkes, (fowler maybe), Anderson, any Rookies that we can pick up.

OLBS- (dupree) rookies, basham, low cost vets

MLB- Mosley, A. Williams, etc no change (resign hewitt if cheap)

CB- Kevin Johnson, Poole, Maulet, Bless, Rookies

S- Maye, Adams, late round or UDFA rookie

K - I'll pick up 6 guys and have them fight to the death the week before the season starts (kidding)

Punter- lachlan (if we can resign for an agreeable amount)

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