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Jets Podcast: Offensive Tiers

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everybody had a good three day weekend (if it was three days) and enjoyed our series of shows last week on the AFC East with Mike of Locked on Patriots and Joe of Locked on Bills. We are back to our normal format today focusing exclusively on the Jets.

Today’s show is about ranking the offensive players on the Jets. Through the years I have seen numerous methods for ranking players. One that I think is really useful heading into the offseason places each player into one of four tiers. The top tier has elite players. The second tier has players who are either quality starters or young players who have the potential to grow into a quality starter (or star). The third tier has players who are nothing special but a step above practice squad quality. The fourth tier has players who might not belong in the NFL.

Thanks for listening.