2020 off season: Something a little different.

Junping right in to it. I'm not the best when it comes to contract numbers details (guaranteed money mostly).

2020 cuts:

Brian Winters- Makes too much for the amount of impact. $7.5 million

Trumaine Johnson- I'll admit I wanted Tru and I think he could have been a great CB here but something just didn't work and he is one of the worst FA blunders the Jets have made at the CB position. $3 million

Quincy Enunwa- More of a logic move than anything. $2.4 million

Daryl Roberts- Losing 2 CBs hurts a bit but the cap savings is worth it. $6 million

Josh Bellamy- The Jets' "lost" WR needs to be off the roster since he isn't worth keeping around. $2.250 million

Steve McLendon- Just a cap casualty more than anything. $2.5 million

Mathias Farley- Cap casualty as well. $1.2 million

Trevon Wesco- We don't need/want him with how my drafting went. $231,714

Nate Hairston- Cap casualty and losing 3 CBs definitely hurts. $2,144,000

Various others- $8,627,412

Cap space: $93.8 million, setting aside $6 million for the draft which leaves 87.8 million.

Resigning Jets FA:

Alex Lewis- Played well enough that he deserves a contract. Could potentially end up being a back up but probably not. 4 year, 4,000,000/yr 2019 Cap hit- 2,800,000

Lachlan Edwards- Underappreciated punter, shouldn't cost too much. 3 year, 1,250,000/yr 2019 cap hit- 937,500

Sam Ficken- 1 year minimum deal since he is an ERFA. He leaves more to be desired but there isn't an ideal situation where we get a better option. 1 year, 600,000/yr

Jordan Jenkins- I'm placing him as a weak side edge rusher as part of the defensive plan. 5 year, 6,000,000/ 2019 cap hit- 3,600,000

Brian Poole- The only player that stayed out of the news for either good or bad things. That isn't a bad thing to be honest. Probably the most expensive resigning. 4 years, 6,000,000/yr. 2019 Cap hit- 4,500,000

Trevor Siemian- I think Siemian is better than what could be incoming as a QB2/QB3 as late round draft picks or UDFAs. So he is ok as a clipboard holder.

Arthur Maulet- RFA resigning at a 1 year low cost for a good depth peice.

These signings will eat up a lot of the cap space I freed with just the cuts.

2020 FA signings:

Byron Jones- Signing the #1 corner again but at least Jones is showing that he won't fall off a cliff in 2 years. 6 years, 14,000,000/yr. 2019 Cap hit- 7,700,000

Shaquil Barrett- Signing the #1 Edge rusher and the key to my defensive system. 5 years, 15,500,000/yr 2019 cap hit- 9,300,000

Breshard Perriman- I very well couldn't get all the top FAs I want because life doesn't work like that. So I decide to downgrade and grab Perriman for a weak #1/strong #2 option. 1 year 3,000,000/yr

Kyle Sloter- We need a solid depth QB and Sloter proved last preseason he has a good talent. He is also young enough that if he shows good this preseason he can get some attention and give us a piece to move for draft picks.

Maliek Collins- Cowboys depth DT. Young and could improve if in the right rotation or even starting due to injuries.

Andrew Adams- Spot starter for the Bucs could provide support for Chinn or even be the starter here and let Chinn get ready for a starter role.

John Wetzel- Average backup/spot starter he can also push Edoga for the starting position but I think Edoga has the edge on him.

PJ Williams- Often injured CB with a decent history of starting. Could be used as a rotational piece with the group we have as well as be relied on to cover the slot if anything happens to Poole.

Peyton Barber- I felt the need of a different style running back. One that can just run through things but unfortunately there really isn't a high caliber back that would be a back up for us. 2 year, 3,000,000/yr (cuttable after this season)

Temporary pre-draft partial depth chart: Numbers can denote depth not dual starters in some positions


QB- Darnold

QB2- Sloter

QB3- Siemian


RB2- Barber

WR1- Perriman

WR2- Crowder

WR3- Thomas

WR4- Smith

TE1- Herndon

TE2- Griffin

LT- None

LG- Lewis

C- Harrison

RG- None

RT- Edoga


SS- Adams

FS- Maye

CB1- Jones

CB2- Maulet

CB3- Poole

ILB1- Mosley

ILB2- Williamson

WLB- Jenkins

SLB- Barrett

WDE- Shepherd

DT1- Williams

DT2- Fatukasi

SDE- Anderson

Special Teams

LS- Hennessey

K- Ficken

PR/KR1- Berrios

PR/KR2/RB3- Cannon

The starters are looking decent right now and it is only going to get better. Probably need a better RT next year or the year after. The next part is a mock draft for the 2020 draft. I did this one utilizing the site The Draft Network's draft simulator.

There is one thing I want to do before we continue on with the draft and that is highlight a few trades I have been thinking about. I HIGHLY doubt either would happen.

I'm targetting the Cowboys in this trade. They need help with the safety position. Marcus Maye and 2021 2nd round pick for the 82nd, 113th, and 2021 7th round. The idea here is that we are sacrificing a bit of the future for an impact now and in to the future.

Oddly enough the Dolphins come calling to see if they can pull a player from us to help their defense. That player is Nathan Shepherd. For our less than stellar DE Miami gives up 135th overall. The fact that it is that high is only because it is in division so we asked for an increase from the 177th.

11th overall: OT Andrew Thomas

I don't understand how the top rated tackle has gone from being an easily top 10 selection to being maybe a top 10. Well since he has been falling down the rankings the Jets should take advantage of it and pick him up.

48th overall: IOL Cesar Ruiz

This player is likely going in the 1st round but he somehow fell down to my 2nd round selection. At the same time I want to wait for Creed Humphrey next season but Ruiz is too good of a prospect to pass up. He either is the starting guard or put Harrison back to a back up

68th overall: DE Marlon Davidson

Davidson is a great defensive end that will easily be able to stop the run and contribute to a pass rush. He does everything well but nothing great but at a higher caliber than what we have.

79th overall: IOL Nick Harris

Another IOL selection and finishes off the o-line. Harris probably isn't AS good as Ruiz in the center position so he would be the RG in this line or force Lewis to the right and take the LG spot.

82nd overall: WR Van Jefferson

Maybe not a true #1 WR at this time but should be able to push Crowder to be the #3 WR. He is a better #2 but I would take him as a #1 over Perriman.

110th overall: WR Gabriel Davis

Little bit of a depth pick but Davis can push Crowder to become the 4th WR. This forces Vyncint down to a rotational WR like last season.

113th overall: TE Jared Pinkney

I think Pinkney is a little bit of an undervalued player as his skills are catching ability, route running, and blocking. He is a perfect TE2 or even an option to convert him to a Fullback after all he is 6'4" and 254 lbs.

135th overall: S Jeremy Chinn

This player was highlighted weeks ago by none other than superhuman. I liked what I saw and figured having an actual deep safety valve is a good option.

140th overall: CB Lamar Jackson

A solid outside corner could develop in to a CB1 eventually but will be second fiddle to Jones for now. Unfortunately doesn't provide anything else to the position except being an outside corner.

171st overall: LB Shaquille Quarterman

More of a hard hitting ILB that can be developed. He has a good football mind it looks like and can also be used in blitz packages.

New depth chart:

Offense: 23

QB- Darnold

QB2- Sloter

QB3- Siemian

RB- Bell

RB2- Barber



WR2- Perriman


WR4- Crowder

WR5- Smith

TE1- Herndon

TE2- Griffin


LG- Lewis



IOL4- Harrison

IOL5- Lundblade

IOL6- Braden

RT- Edoga

OT3- McDermott

OT4- Wetzel

Defense: 30

SS- J. Adams


S3- Countess

S4- A. Adams

CB1- Jones


CB3- Poole

CB4- Maulet

CB5- Austin

CB6- PJ Williams

ILB1- Mosley

ILB2- Williamson

ILB3- Cashman


OLB1- Jenkins

OLB2- Barrett

OLB3- Basham

OLB4- Luvu

DE1- Anderson

DT1- Williams

DT2- Fatukasi

DT3- Collins


DE3- Phillips

DE4- Franklin-Myers

Special Teams

P- Edwards

LS- Hennessey

K- Ficken

PR/KR1- Berrios

PR/KR2/RB3- Cannon

Estimated cap space: 35-45 million. Since I didn't do estimates on some of the depth players I will leave with a range. As well I'm also expecting that my numbers are a bit low for some of these players (ok just Barrett and Jones) so there is plenty of extra as needed to increase their payments. The depth chart is pretty much 1 player behind a starter. This created the 53 man roster and can be lowered to 46 for game day easily. Some of the depth leaves more to be desired but I think it will be ok.

If you weren't able to tell what the idea on the edges are when you saw the players here it is. Barrett is the primary focus on the edge with plenty of additional help after him on the starting group. Jenkins can outwork players opposite Barrett and Anderson and Davidson can use their skills to set up Barrett and/or Jenkins to get in the backfield. Davidson is also adept enough to be able to get off the edge as a DE if Barrett is asked to drop into a zone or gets blocked. This edge pressure also takes off from the middle where Williams is and he can use his skills to improve from his rookie year. A multifront attack is just what is needed to force the opposing offenses. These players also allows Gregg Willians to open up more defensive schemes and mismatches by moving his personnel around. After all you could see a grouping of Anderson, Williams, and Davidson as the linemen and then suddenly Williams is replacing Davidson, Davidson swapped out Anderson, and Fatukasi is in the middle. Next snap Williamson steps out and Collins comes in for a 4-3 look and Barrett has switched sides of the field.

For the offense, I do want to bring back a run based offense since we have Bell and I brought in Barber as a power back. Canon is there as an option as well but mostly there for ST. The WR corp will be helped with a run first offense where play action will be used a bit. The TE group will be relied on for blocking and receiving and we have 3 players that can easily do that (Pinkney being included in this group).

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