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Ashytn Davis was the Jets’ one bright spot against Darren Waller

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Since Sunday’s loss to the Raiders reports have surfaced that Jets rookie safety Ashtyn Davis might be out for the rest of the year with a foot injury.

It would be unfortunate to see Davis leave at this point of the season. With the competitive portion of 2020 finished, this would be an ideal time to get a third round rookie as many game reps as possible to prepare him for his second season.

If we have seen the last of Davis in 2020, he at least ended the season on a very positive note Sunday.

Raiders tight end Darren Waller destroyed the Jets with 13 catches for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. There was only one Jets defender who had any success against him. It was Davis.

After a first quarter that saw Waller put up 6 catches for 79 yards and a touchdown, (then) defensive coordinator Gregg Williams made an adjustment. Davis hadn’t matched up with Waller man to man in the first quarter. From the start of the second quarter through the point he left the game in the third quarter, Davis got seven man reps against Waller.

Waller put up 2 catches for 22 yards on 4 targets against Davis. The damage almost all came on a single 19 yard reception in the third quarter.

Davis had some really good snaps in man coverage.

From my charting Waller averaged 3.14 yards per route run and 5.5 yards per target against Davis.

Against everybody else Waller averaged 4.73 yards per route and 14.58 yards per target.

It is difficult to say what this means for the future. We are talking about a limited set of snaps in one game, but if nothing else I think this game showed promise for Davis in coverage. That’s what you look for from a rookie.

Waller got him once for the 19 yard reception, but other than that Davis was the one Jets defender who showed any ability to keep the tight end contained.