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Jets Week 13 Anti-Game Ball: Gregg Williams

Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Jets lost to the Raiders on Sunday. This was loss number twelve in game number twelve. That means it is time to hand out anti-game ball number twelve.

This has been an interesting year for the anti-game ball. Frequently we have taken unprecedented steps in handing out this honor. Today we have another trailblazing anti-game ball. For the first time we are giving it to somebody who is no longer a part of the Jets at the time it is awarded.

Gregg Williams was fired yesterday as defensive coordinator. He was fired because of his blitz call on the game winning touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Henry Ruggs on Sunday. It was a difficult call to understand in a situation that begged for a conservative prevent defense. Williams left Lamar Jackson alone against Ruggs, and it lost the Jets the game.

It takes a lot for one play to the be the basis of an anti-game ball, but it seems appropriate in this situation.

Gregg Williams ends his Jets career with my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?