An open Letter to the NY Jet FO and ownership

I want to start by saying I have been a fan since Namath was QB and was a happy guy when we won superbowl 3.

That said I have seen a lot of football since then. When Woody bought the team we lost Bellichek because he could smell the incompetence. We had some bad years and a few good ones with fat Rex as HC. While flawed he worked well with Tannenbaum to field a decent team drafting Sanchez aside.

We got Idzik who knew nothing about talent and then Macagnan who was even worse since he was a poor money manager as well as being a poor drafter. Ignoring the oline for years you can't win.

When Woody became ambassador I cheered because I thought Chris couldn't be as bad. Guess what I was wrong. When they hired Gase I really almost threw up. He destroyed Miami. Look at them since he left. He hasn't achieved anything since arriving in NY.

Ok let's address the latest disaster. They fired the one coach who actually knows what he is doing. Williams made some questionable calls, so what the offense has had way worse calls and is still intact. Let's also face the fact that had we won that game we lose the war. Losing the first pick to win one game does what? Other than a brief elation we end up losing the chance for a better QB. Long term that is what is best for the team.

Gase is a moron and ownership is as bad. I don't know if Lawrence will work out. I do know that Darnold was a turnover machine in college and it is no better. He makes bad decisions and turns over the ball alot. He has moments where he looks reaaly good but not enough and he is third year. He is not going to get better. The mental part of the game is to much for him. It's time to move on.

The real remainig questions are will they fire Gase post season or let this club continue to circle the drain. The other part is what will Douglass do with this draft. Sure you can trade back and get a load of picks to go with those we have and rebuild the team.

The problem with that scenario is you still have Darnold at QB. With a solid oline this offense could be good. With 2 new CBs and a pass rusher the defense will be really good, CJ Mosely will be back next year.

I don't see us getting to the superbowl with Darnold. With the right supporting cast we make the playoffs but not the big game. Get the guy who could take us there. Trade Darnold for what you can get, remember he hasn't played a full season yet. 3 years and he hasn't been in for a full season, let him be someone else's problem. Don't forget to fire Gase. Hire a young up and comer they are proving to be the future of the game.

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