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Marcus Maye questioned Gregg Williams’ play call on game losing touchdown against the Raiders

Los Vegas Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In his postgame press conference following yesterday’s shocking loss to the Las Vegas Raiders Jets safety Marcus Maye questioned the call made by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams sent a big blitz that left one on one matchups across the board with no help. Ruggs beat rookie cornerback Lamar Jackson for a 46 yard touchdown.

It definitely is difficult to argue with Maye. Normally I wouldn’t love a player calling out a coach so visibly after a loss, but in the context of the situation it is easy to see where Maye is coming from.

This was a play call for the books.

I am also going to point out what Lamar Jackson, who was beaten by Ruggs for that touchdown, had to say.

I point this out because Jackson is taking the blame after being totally hung out to dry by his defensive coordinator. In two minutes yesterday this rookie cornerback showed more accountability than his coaches have shown in two years.